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    Because that’s the quickest they can tie up the contracts.
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    Like going out for dinner in a hospital
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    I think it pretty much sums up England in 2020 that a potentially life-saving philanthropic act during a global pandemic needs to be made compulsory
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    It’s fucking disgraceful when you see the BBC talk about the conflicting scientific advice. As though nothing has changed in the last four-five months or so. And because the effectiveness of mask wearing back then wasn’t clear, it means the government have an excuse for taking so long to cotton on. Again.
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    Welcome to three months ago...
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    Frankly, I think FUCK OFF will suffice
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    I had it in my arm last time.
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    I’m not sure if you’re trying to make me look bad or Luke Edwards look good but you’ve fucking nailed the latter
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    Tbf, I’ve been a supporter for nearly 40 years and I couldn’t give a fuck at least half the time
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    Her best known acting role was as John ‘100% heterosexual’ Travolta’s loving wife.
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    The only individual on the Planet of Apes with more inaccurate predictions than CT and Parky...
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    Looks like we're are stuck with bruce as Pep won't leave now
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