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    By the way, Wykiki should do a periodical blog or something, 'Tales from the office'. I love reading his posts about it.
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    I’m getting a Tyler Durden vibe from all this.
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    I think I've referred to that a few times on here - it was peak "football fans don't matter as they're all animals".
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    I like your storytelling priorities here. "I told him there'd be a General Election before the end of the year and the little bastard just refused to believe me. Also he said he was going to slit someone's throat"
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    Hope it’s the outfits and not the Auschwitz
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    So your boss goes to his boss and complains the whole team is a bunch of knackers and asks how to sort them out? The quick answer is to get a new boss that is a decent leader and can manage the different personalities in the team. A lot quicker than trying to find an entire new team anyway
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    just finished two seasons of succession. best thing i've watched in ages
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    On this day in 1987 Spurs was the most terrified I've ever been at an away game, not for the trouble after the match but the crushing on the terraces. https://youtu.be/i42jCN6duHY
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    Started Sex Education the other night. Easy watching and a good laugh.
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    Aye, he's probably self employed and works from home on his Jack Jones
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    The BBC are legitimising these bigots by giving them a platform and then making it worse by putting it out on Twitter. Then they don't even bother to include a rebuttal. It's click bait bollocks but is doing real damage.

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