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    I don't have to tweet myself My mate does it for me I wanna be a Borg, a Borg a Borg I wanna be a Borg.
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    There is literally no limit to the depths this cunt will plumb.
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    If he's so successful and rich why does he feel the need to keep telling people via Twitter?
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    He certainly wouldn't have been my choice, but electorally I don't think he's that bad a choice. I mean in a sane world he would be the Republican candidate. USA pretty fucking far from sane at the moment
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    Electorally speaking I don't think you're right. Biden is seen as a safe pair of hands who can attract disgruntled Trump supporters. Anyone more to the left would turn a lot of them off.
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    Eric Dier running off for a dynamite in the middle of the match is prime material for Question of Sport
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    Special needs one with his carer? We do it better
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    Money well spent. It’s class.
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    A big boy made him do it then ran away
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    Guessing his home is a lean-to in the woods, scruffy lord of the rings looking twat.
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    If either the energy drink or the data systems company were moderately successful (let alone living up to the claims he makes) than you would imagine it would be difficult for one person to be the CEO in both companies let alone doing all this other stuff. It makes you wonder if he’s not quite all he claims to be.
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    Joelinton and...?
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    I believe the guidelines are that you should tell the curtain twitchers to fuck right off and then post some dogshit through their letterbox in the middle of the night.
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    Totally class post marra.
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    Worst case scenario, give the baby a bucket and sponge and say you're paying them to do your windows. Sorted.
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    Please nobody make extended eye contact with my mam
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    Including making eye contact. (I'm aware that's in London but it gave me a giggle. As if we willingly acknowledge each other down here anyway.)
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    When they empty Johnson’s bottle bin, it must sound like a building exploding, the alky bastard
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    https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/politics/coronavirus-rules-chaos-not-even-22759260 Gillian Keegan Boris's official spokesperson doesnt know the rules ffs
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    I want one of them to find a can of that stuff for sale and it to to turn out to be blue

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