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    You can celebrate winners all you want mush, I’m sure a lot of the people on here who dislike Bruce did too. The problem with swallowing what is being served up is it’s indicative of the regime, we survive on a whim or a shoestring. You can’t honestly believe we deserve to be where we are in the league based on the showings this seasons? Unless there is either a change of heart from Ashley and he properly supports the team, or he leaves this is as good as it gets. This is the culmination of Newcastle United, aim for safety and everything else is a bonus. It’s not what I thought of when I first started supporting a football team, it’s not what Sir Bobby or Kevin Keegan or Rafa Benitez thought when managing us. I actually like a lot of our players, they graft and they can defend very well and generally are a likeable bunch. But this aiming for survival is draining and honestly drains the fun from the game. Enjoy the win, I did because fuck Chelsea and I’m glad for the players.
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    Does anyone know any decent parking in North London?
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    That's awful, give him my commiserations. It's shit he's had 2 strokes as well.
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    I think the relevant part is below: We have been unbelievably lucky in so many matches this season. Yes, some of that luck has been earned through hard work but it’s clear from watching us that we’re in a false position in the league. Add to that the fact that Steve Bruce as our manager is a massive statement of the limit of Mike Ashley’s ambition for our club and it’s hard to fully enjoy the wins.
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    Rebecca Long Bailey looks like a sex robot that failed ALL of the quality control checks.
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    Well, he had me fooled with his clever disguise
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    hope he was one of the cunts singing brucey brucey give us a wave the other day.
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    Newcastle United head coach Steve Bruce on making new signings in January: "We've got one or two plates spinning and we hope that we can add to the squad by the end of the month.
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    Is that what your dad says as he leaves your bedroom?
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    Is he now asking the public to fund a bong for brexit? CT will be cutting back on the cherry tomatoes.
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    The man who treats ‘me too’ as a request.
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    I once hung about after my lass's works night out making sure her completely mortal friend got put into a taxi. This kind gesture, when fed through the filter of Toontastic, became an attempted rape.
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    One’s an uptight, straight edge murse while the other is a serially unemployed, coke sniffing sildenafil addict. Fate has brought them together and hilarity ensues.
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    It's never going to happen, again.
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    Fun fact: Almiron now has more goals against League One sides this season than actual League One supa strika Will Grigg.
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    The point is it’s not sustainable. None of the various periods of Ashley’s tenure have been. If you can hold your nose and forget all that’s gone before with him that’s fine. I can’t so that’s why I’ve only been to two away games all season. Obviously beating Chelsea with a 94th minute winner is to be savoured. Every win, every scrappy hard fought draw, all of it. I enjoy them. We’re literally going nowhere though and with 40k still putting their brief,spasmodic moments of glory in front of any principled, mass movement against Ashley we never will.
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    Did she just fall down the stairs?
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    No. Fuck off you dull mackem cunt. There.
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    there has never, ever, been a game of football through out its entire history where a team has least deserved to win. fucking unbelievable!
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    Nah, get HIM so mortal that he shits himself in a Dixy Chicken doorway and she'll finish him. And that's when you move to Step 2: Threesome.
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    He'd sign for Jossy's Giants over us like
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    This has to be the most obvious mackem we've ever had, including the ones who just announced they were mackems from the start. I recall a few weeks back when "marra" slipped into one of his posts hits every mackem stereotype going despite his efforts to go under the radar.
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    See, that's the thing, it has something to do with me. I'm Fishman. A superhero, making podcasts by night, making startlingly good Anglo-Spanish food suggestions by day. Named Fishman as an experiment to fuse the natural abilities of a fish to swim with a man went wrong in a laboratory explosion and you were left with a man who was a bit wet like a fish......Fishman!
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    Suit yourself, just means I can get more renditions of “It’s Raining Men” in
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    My theory is that we're the best because we have to travel the furthest and therefore, drink the most. I will not show my working.
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    Sorry, can you explain that again? I'm not sure I get your point?
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