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    His fucking up the England job before his second match in charge through his own greed has to be one of the greatest footballing moments of the last decade or so.
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    Worth noting that the likes of George Floyd won't show up on that graph, he wasn't shot to death by police, he was suffocated by them and he isn't the only one. There's a reason "I can't breathe" has been chanted and on signs across the US. Neither will Ahmaud Arbrey, who was chased down in a pickup truck and shot for jogging while being black, which would have been completely written off if one of them hadn't been stupid enough to record and release a video of the whole thing. Breonna Taylor possibly will but then, how many white EMTs are going to go to bed tonight concerned that unmarked and unsanctioned police are going to illegally break into their houses and murder them? Those officers haven't even been fucking arrested. In the UK the government has suppressed a report into BAME deaths of coronavirus for "fears it could stoke racial tension" what does that tell you about its contents? Its only 2 years since Windrush ffs. These stories(among many) and the fact that both governments have utterly fucked the response to coronavirus were begging for civil disobedience at some point and it is absolutely necessary.
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    They’re such a bunch of gimps. Imagine giving a flying fuck what some bellend from London, Manchester, or Liverpool thinks about your fan base just because they support a club that’s more successful. I hope we get taken over and fans from all over are absolutely fuming about it as we start winning things. Genuinely think if some of them walked in on their missus getting her back end clapped by a bloke wearing a Liverpool hat, they’d apologize and tell them they’ll stick the kettle on so it’s ready for when they’re finished. They also seriously need to get a grip as well, they’re going into their third season in League One, and didn’t even get into the play off places in the one that just ended. Trying to compare themselves to a Premier League club is embarrassing, let alone to one that is potentially going to be the richest club in world football. I’m not even getting into that weird cunt talking about Nobby and Sonny. We’re not siblings, and if we are they’re the sibling we want absolutely fucking nothing to do with while they spout racist stuff and things in support of child molestors on their Facebook account.
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    Wonder how they’d feel if the useless cunt replaced Klopp at Liverpool or the little bridge troll at Manchester United.
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    There aren't any "guys" on here...in point of fact the actual word is banned from the forum. This board is populated mostly by bitter middle aged communists who resent anyone using over familiar Americanisms to address them. Please refrain from doing so. Acceptable ways of greeting: "Comrade(s)" or at Christmas/Easter/bank holidays "fellow cunts" Best regards pp Management
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    That’s the way I see it. It would open up a massive can of worms and I really can’t see the PL wanting to do that. It’s not like they are a bastion of integrity so I think the delay is them trying to give the impression that they are seriously considering the counter arguments, even though I doubt they are. I’m fairly sure it will go through but I’m not that bothered. On the one hand, I want Ashley out but, on the other hand, I agree with those who say it is sports washing so anything we achieve will be tarnished somewhat. However, there’s a load of dirty money swilling round the PL so other teams can get to fuck if they want to try and take the moral high ground. I think the main reason I want it to go through is so that we all get to witness the inevitable meltdown from Richard Keys.
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    Fun fact: Noelie is actually older than Saudi Arabia.
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    Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the mackem, 'Confucious' and his theory on life, Sunderland and Newcastle United. As the real Confucius might have said/say, 'Man who has head full of broken biscuits, often crumbles when faced with reality'.
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    Rayvin is absolutely thrumming with excitement at the prospect of boatloads of “positive and sunny” young Chinese lasses turning up here.
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    The virus is still out there. Like a paedo on an electric scooter.
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    Good day at the office lads. I had a free £5 bet with Sky I took Almiron, Ritchie & Joelinton to have 5 shots on target between them at 28/1 it returned £140.
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    I love my deconstructed chips and curry sauce. A raw king Edward's potato, curry powder, onion and tap water. Champion worth the premium.
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    "And I tell you, there's only one 'Guy' on here, and he also does podcasts, and I tell you, I will love it if you listen to each others podcast, love it!"
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    The rest of League One must be delighted at retaining their two cup finals for next season.
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    The football league were never going to let a giant like Sunderland out of one of their leagues to play in another one of their leagues.
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    I disliked the cunt the entire time he was NUFC manager, he’s such an unlikeable, boring dickhead. I always thought it sums the mackems up that they fawn over him. Hopeless manager that’s living off doing a decent job at Bolton 20 year ago.
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    If I offer an employee less wage, less responsibility and have a history of lying he'll understandably choose to go elsewhere. That decision would be made easier if another company offered him more wages, greater responsibility and a chance to build something new. If you're criticising Benitez for leaving Newcastle you've really not been paying attention for the past 13 years.
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    Can anyone spot the flaw in his plan?
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    It was at the last place thankfully. It might be worse here tbh, fuckers next door bounced round while we were moving in, invited us to the street whatsapp group and told us they do a Friday night curry club where someone on the street cooks a curry for everyone else. Haven't got a kitchen mate, give us a minute.
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    I used to have a dog that would bite me whenever we were on the sofa. It didn't sit well with me.
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    Watch out for Noelie's next post, "Takeover macht frei"
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    Courtesy of @JawD giving me a hotel room where the players were staying during Stevie Harper’s testimonial - a friend an I, both dressed quite smartly, walked straight into the private section of the hotel where the AC Milan players were eating. We sat down in the middle of them and enjoyed a free bar, a free meal and then got our pictures taken with the players. Luckily my friend speaks fluent Italian, I was fucking mortal. Nobody said anything
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    They hired a hotel tbf. Still get them reported for not following the social distancing, get the title stripped.
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    I fully cannot believe you’re watching BT Sport, of all the channels, immediately after this. I’m amazed they’re not just broadcasting McManaman pulling the head off it while singing along to You’ll Never Walk Alone.
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    Trump landing after his deflating Tulsa rally
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    I don’t want to talk about drinking after my lockdown habits. My recycling bin looks like Leeds festival
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    It’s funny on there today like. It goes from wanting Sheffield Utd to win to them being absolutely shite. There’s also someone saying how cringeworthy a club we are because of how much the crowd noise went up when we scored. When it was pointed that Sky controlled it they claimed to have known that but that Sky had made it louder for us because they’d bought into the idea of our fan base being so passionate.
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    If they think that's good, Keith Harris is going to blow their fucking minds.
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    Are you from Kielce, Poland?
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    It’s the one day of the year when it’s legal!!!
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    Mrs CT: "Andrew! What are you doing in there?" CT: "Just waving the willy dear, anarchy prevails if you don't, what with the economy and covid not to mention brexit I'm needing to wave it even more vigorously than usual."
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    This process is certainly separating the willy wavers from the bed wetters
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    Don't forget that Qatar also spunk loads of money in the UK: IAG, Harrods, the Shard and a majority shareholding in Veet to keep gorilla hands presentable on Bein Sports.
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    You might want to pick a different subject, mate. There’s a Burnley fan and Brighton fan doing the same dissertation. https://m.thefootballnetwork.net/boards/read/s37.htm?38,16786596,16786596 https://www.northstandchat.com/showthread.php?380534-Albion-Fans-Opinion-of-Project-Restart
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    On Wallsend High St, but shut down because nobody could find it.
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    Just watched a bunch of those curry videos, then ordered a takeaway one. I feel like CT.
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