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  1. Of course there is another solution to watching (or not) these bloody nut jobs. Bring in Internment and lock them all up, whilst they are detained they can be stripped of there UK Status and peddled onto which ever country will have then. As we are committed to spending a shitload of money on Overseas Aid lets use it to our advantage and give the money to Countries who would like to question a suspected Terrorist. No doubt the Human Rights lot will kick off but quite frankly who cares as if it stops one suicide bomber then its been worthwhile
  2. Nice to see the Mackems classy fans in action "The bloke in front of me in the North Stand is a convicted Paedo" http://www.readytogo.net/smb/showthread.php?t=720287
  3. The Rangers hatefest that the other Scottish Clubs are indulging in will simply bite them in the arse when the financial implications of their collective folly becomes fact. It could well see a few more Jock clubs go to the wall due to the decrease in revenue; That is why they should have been excepted. The thing is Rangers wont lose that much as they will simply continue to get large crowds and win each Division in turn.
  4. Seeing as Scottish football seems happy to throw away millions of pounds by shafting Rangers and sending them into D3; perhaps they should do a Darlington and apply for the Northern League and work up from there. Probably a better standard of Football in the NL and bigger crowds.
  5. Well Reading are shite and his Mrs is a titless scratter, cant see how one season in a relagation bound Team will help his career in any way whatsoever. Mind you it should pay enough for the scratter to get plastic tit implants tho.
  6. The biggest change will be the total pointlessness of the SPL until Rangers get back in it. Balanced league my arse, Celtic have a huge lead over the rest who frankly are Championship standard at best and will piss the SPL for the next 3/4 years. If you think anything else then you are sadly mistaken.
  7. To be honest Celtic will lose little, an SPL without Rangers guarantees them 2/3 trophies every year and a CL place. They will still sell out there season tickets so its only the possible drop in TV money for a much devalued SPL that will hit them, if they have a run into the CL group stages then that will not hurt them either. It will make the SPL the worst and most pointless PL in Europe tho. Still we might be able to pick up a decent player or two on a free if they decide to walk. Every cloud has a silver lining................
  8. Seeing as the Turks still throw bananas at Black players I would be a tad surprised if he went there. Only 5 weeks of his personal transfer window left tho and he is still an NUFC player. Loads of time for his motley crew of agents and representatives to find him a new club I suppose. If he does fuck off I hope his knee explodes, the ungrateful bastard.
  9. Rooney seemed to be at his best when he was shagging Grannies, perhaps the Polish / Ukrainian Grannies dont fancy fat rugheaded sweaty bastards.
  10. Here's a bit of Mackem abject stupidity, how they are they 6th biggest Team in the PL. Deluded fuckwitts. http://www.readytogo.net/smb/showthread.php?t=707430&page=2
  11. Well if they do it was well hidden last season as they were both shite, then again it might just be due to the onset of Senile Dementia.
  12. Is it some type of perverse Hodgson Liverpool love in? Obviously they were so good last season they deserve loads of players in the England Team. Personally I would rather have Guthrie and Perch before that useless fucker Henderson.
  13. Rodgers likes a nice passing game, easy on the eye but he never had a plan B when Teams sat back and counter attacked like we did. Can you see Carroll fitting into a Rodgers team or Rodgers playing to Carroll's strengths? I reckon Andy will be out on his arse sooner rather than later and I doubt if Rodgers will see the end of the season at Anfield.
  14. Just heard that the Overpriced ex Mackem turned Bin dipper is in line to replace Lampard for the Euro's. Do we have that few quality English midfielders or is Hodgson on some type of hallucinogenic medication? That should guarentee us an early exit, next up must be Clattermong.
  15. What a fucking shame, poor twat. Bin dippers Bench warmer, still he has his fizzy pop cup winners medal to cheer him up.
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