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  1. Holidays 2020

    I had a couple of UK holidays booked this year. - mainly cos I couldn't be arsed to get all the rabble on the plane. Center Parcs was cancelled but our visit to a lodge in Cheddar Gorge is on in a few weeks. Will be nice just to get away.
  2. Allan Saint-Maximin

    In reality Almiron, Max and better centre forward than joelinton would cause a lot teams problems - if deployed correctly.
  3. I once queued behind Gary Speed in a card shop on Northumberland Street.
  4. Recommend me something to watch!

    Im upto ep 10 of Normal People. Would have quite happily turned it in after 6 but the mrs wants to persevere. It could be condensed into about 6-8 epsidoes. The sex scenes are far too frequent, long and boring.
  5. Recommend me something to watch!

    Save Me on Sky is excellent. The Last Dance is fantastic as well (despite me knowing very little about basketball)
  6. Ranking Rivals (excl Sunderland)

    It changes over the years. I used to hate Man Utd (with a passion) but now they are meh. Villa will have a place for mocking us when we went down.
  7. mackem messageboard gold

    Im not sure if they'd purposely portrayed it this way but it looks The Don is a decent bloke who just happens to be way out of his depth. Meths coloured chinos. Classic.
  8. Rona Recommends

    Sunderland Til I die - Season 2 out now. Its going to be great
  9. Rona Recommends

    Upto Ep4 in The Outsider. Top stuff.
  10. Coronavirus

    Yep. The missus thought it was patronising. If the country really cared they wouldnt have voted in these bellwhiffs in, MPs openly cheering/laughing about not giving them a payrise etc etc etc
  11. Coronavirus

    America are in deep trouble. They are going to get hit hard.
  12. Rona Recommends

    Thats my weekend sorted.
  13. Coronavirus

    Aye. I've got a 5 year old and 13 month old to deal with. Really hard when you're trying to concentrate.
  14. Coronavirus

    Oh yeah. I'm sure he just works in a garden centre or something like that.
  15. Coronavirus

    The theory..... https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=nl6tTwxzCi8
  16. Coronavirus

    My mother lives 350 miles away from me (and my bro) so not much chance we can pass anything on. I feel for people dying alone when they start dying in isolation though - which seemingly will happen when the numbers ramp up. No-one deserves that.
  17. Coronavirus

    No, they are pretty useless by all accounts. They are not prepared though - by the sounds of it.
  18. Coronavirus

    My missus is an A&E nurse and they are already creaking. Running out of masks already as well.
  19. Hessenhoosenwoahyafucka's lads v Newcastle FC

    I didnt watch the match but looks like we created more chances in this than the entire season put together.
  20. Holidays 2020

    Booked a long weekend in Center Parcs and another week in Cheddar Gorge. Never been to either but didnt fancy a trek abroad this year with a 1 and a 5 year old. Plus prices in SUmmer Holidays.....crikey.
  21. Aye. The two new wing backs will hopefully be a step up on what he had and I think we need to play 3 in the centre midfield to retain some possession. Hopefully Almiron and St Max can win us a few games before the end of the season and its almost worth chucking matty on a bit more as he is good for a goal.
  22. Recommend me something to watch!

    Started watching Dracula knowing full well that ep 3 is going to be turd.
  23. Politics

    I think they massively fucked up when they chose the wrong Miliband brother.
  24. Politics

    More likely a sex vid
  25. Cabbage Heed Halfwits v Rochdale's Groomers

    Joelinton is shot now. Needs an injury tbh to get him out of the limelight. We'd not even get £10m for him now.

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