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  1. This thread has heped me to realise why i have never really got this forum, what a bunch of fucking tossers, feel free to ban me because there is about a million light years between my beliefs and values and a high % of the posters on here, i won't slam the door on my way out.
  2. That is quality and has brightened my Monday up a scouser with an offer you would be foolish not to refuse ha ha ha.
  3. Totally agree and Gascoigne can fuck off as well he couldn't wait to fuck off to Laaandan and just because he is a basket case wandering round the streets of Newcastle, now he wants us all to believe he didn't really want to go.
  4. Yeah it's all psychology at the end of the day. Signings Bafra - 10 Gosling-7 Sol-6 Perch-5 Bafra will be mega as long as he is given the free role behind the striker. You missed out Tiote!!!!!!
  5. Krul is the future time for Harper to get back where he blongs.......i.e. on the bench.
  6. Forgot to say thanks for the tip only had a few quid on and let it ride in to 11/4, but anymore tips and be inclined to put more on, it looked like it was beaten as well and came back. No problem glad you were on it got to admit i was worried until it got it's second wind.
  7. Hope you took my advice my scouse buddy and hopefully you got on it earlier when it was trading at 4-1, i am afraid this was a one off and i won't be repeating the favour because i have to make a living out of it.
  8. Bertie Southstreet 8.20 Nottingham (from a reliable source nod nod wink wink) There you go my scouse friend would suggest you put everything you have on it
  9. If that's a fact why on earth are you that arsed that he left? Because he was better than Harper and could have been the difference in keeping us up, granted we would have probably been relegated the following yearbut he bailed out and all this he was Mr Newcastle shit sticks in my throat, just my opinion but my opinion is important to ME.
  10. So because i think that Given fucked us off for the money means that i am a Ashley supporter, i think not Given could and should have stayed until the end of the season he didnt because he seen pound signs from Citeh and decided he would take the exit. Mike Ashley is a repulsive cunt who has wrecked NUFC but at the end of the day Given wanted away end of story and for that i don't buy the Given is toon hero story, i would point out that he handed in transfer requests in the past although i dont have any inside sources to back this up and for me he will never come close to Willie McFaul as the
  11. worst wum ever Could you type that in English please.
  12. Ooooooo get you My sources are my sources and there's no obligation to reveal them. You seem a little rattled tttt. Just as i thought full of shit.
  13. Consumed by the bullshit I see. It's well known within inner circles that twice within his time at the club Given requested a move - once when he was young and naive and the other when he was told by the club that he was being offered out to rival clubs. He owed us nothing - he was owed at least some respect which Ashley/Llambias/Wise/Kinnear refused to acknowledge. Can't blame him for wanting away. Dont know what you mean by the cosumed by bullshit statement just expressing how i feel about the judas cunt take it that opinions are allowed on a football forum. As for
  14. Perch is the replacement for STaylor so that will be 1million out for Perch and 6 million in from STaylor which equals 5 million in the fat cunts pocket.
  15. I think he means the player who was told that after 12 years loyal service to the club that he was been offered out to any club who showed an interest. The player who put in a transfer request when we were fighting a relegation battle, the same player who handed in a transfer request every time he was dropped during his 12 years at the club and the player who fucked off as soon as the money was flashed by Citeh and as for the loyal service did he not get handsomely paid during his 12 years with the club.
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