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  1. I got a bit bored waiting for the QPR match to start so I've decided to sell Scotland on ebay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=150737757247 Serious bidders only please
  2. What? Smalling's class. I don't think Fergie is mad enough to put a Carling cup squad out but if Jonny Evans and Smalling were to start with Johno, Gibbo, Carrick and Obertan in front... you might have a chance.
  3. Alan Partridge came out with a good line about Bernard Matthews last week (before he died) skip to 8 mins 30
  4. I feel a bit conned. It reminds of Jurassic Park.... 5 mins of dinosaurs, 55 mins of irrelevant soap opera. Same applies to the Transformers films. Still, I started watching it so I'll have to watch them all now. I hope they don't stretch over 10 series like Lost.
  5. I would have "national service" for all the students who leave uni without jobs...... of which i imagine there are plenty right now. I'd get 'em to build lots of castles.... to bring in the Japs.... to save the economy.
  6. I know you secretly love it Kevin.... x
  7. yeah, that was a typo, think they were 40% before it all collapsed I didn't understand how the economy worked until I watched this, now I have complete faith
  8. they knew it was going to be "up to 28%" nationalised before I bought in... so the price reflected that risk I did the same thing with Barclays and they went up 5 fold.... but then Barclays are a lot bigger than the BOI.... hmm "Never bet more than you're prepared to lose". "Easy come easy go". etc
  9. If it were up to me I'd ban protesting in cities altogether.... the thought of paying coppers to stand around all day (for the peaceful protests) riles me...... but at the same time I love a bit of anarchy...
  10. I hope you're joking. I'm exaggerating.... but I have invested a few quid. Think they're up to 26p at the moment.
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