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  1. The team he plays for is the blackburn of the a-league. Lots of long ball with little technique. As far as he goes he was highly rated by their coach and being so young he could do anything but in saying that I don't he would make the cut for the premier leauge. Hes a fucking ugly prick as well
  2. I watched Beckham play my Newcastle team in Australia about 2 months ago. He was injured and wasnt looking to get involved but his touches are amazing. The way he strikes a ball is incredible but in saying this there is no way he would cut a full 90mins in the Epl. The pace and strength will be too much for him.
  3. I thought for all money that guti would round the keeper there. Would of been the easy option.
  4. Im gonna say that we lose 2-1 purely because whenever people are so confident of a win the Newcastle side that cant play football shows up. All in all a fustrating boxing day match for the home crowd. But I really hope we win and De jong gets a lot of stick.
  5. Terrible choices. I might be a bit biased for the 2022 bid being an aussie but 2018 I was really looking forward to going to europe and watch the World cup. Yes I know russia is in europe but its a fucking shithole of a place. Not quite a 3rd world country but an unpleasant place to be nonetheless. As for the 2022 decision there was a lot of money flowing behind the scenes for Qatar to get it.
  6. I have a white golden retreiver. Great dog, very loyal and loves attention. She's 16 so she doesnt get up to much but still is pretty fit. Had to pull a tick off her just above her eye just 20 minutes ago.
  7. How did MGMT's new album get ranked 10th and 3rd? First album was good but congratulations was just filled with hippy crap. Fook me
  8. I just finished studying this crap in my higher school physics. Of course we didn't go very deep into it only learning about the standard model of matter as such but this would most likely make my physics teacher jizz. Great discovery and only the tip of the iceberg as someone else said.
  9. Your a bit all over the shop. Loving lovenkrands, Enrique's no1 fan and now you gonna go to Colo
  10. Draw - West ham, West Brom. Chelsea Arsenal 6-1 not to shabby
  11. Blackburn set up to stop us playing football and it was effective. It was horrid to watch but it was effective. 4 wins in a row they were due for a loss but Blackburn are one of the teams that are quality are stopping teams playing their football so Im not that worried. Shame Barton snapped and hit Pederson but tbf Pederson is a cockhead.
  12. Its a definite strategy that could be used and it is effective against Arsenal but with Barton in the team even with his new level head its very risky and could backfire. Either way Im not feeling to confident and would be happy with a loss as long as the players don't give up.
  13. This is class, really well done and can only get better. Appaz the comics are quiet good as well if your into them
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