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  1. Leicester is very atractive team to go... I mean, you have win a lot of tittles with Celtic...every year the same. Leicester has econoic potential to ending Top8 in Premier League and keep growing every year a little.
  2. I am watching Bundesliga right now. Eintracht-Hoffenheim. Joelinton has touch one ball in the first 45 minutes.... Have been a goal.
  3. Yes. Fulham is the biggest shamble. First... They have Jokanovic, a coach with a passing football style, ofensive, more atractive... They give him the money, he builds something.... And then he is fired and come Ranieri, that is it is totally opposite in all aspects to Jokanovic. Is very difficult to build a team in a few months. You can't buy Mitro, Schurrle, Vietto, Seri, 3 goalkeepers, a new defense... And wanting they work the first day.
  4. It's impossible qe paid 51M for Joelinton. 1.- He is not worth it. Who damn is Joelinton? If you go to pay this amount, you sign Timo Werner, Pulisic.... Luka Jovic is not even worth that money. 2.- Ashley don't pay more than 20M.... Is he going to pay for it now when he is in negotiations to sell the club? Nah. 3.- Maybe the club is already in the multimillonaire new owner hands (I wish), but I comeback to the point 1. Who damn is Joelinton? RB Leipzig manager spoke yesterday (RB is interesing in sign him) and he told He doen't believe Newcastle and As
  5. Agree. In fact, as a coach, I considerate myself ultradefensive. The thing I want to say is that Manquillo looked like to have the skills to became in a Top Right Back and develop a good hability to defend to. But he made some mistakes in his decisions...
  6. The thing with Manquillo is very very Strange. He was one of the best Spanish prospect in the youth team disputing the right back with Carvajal (Real Madrid). Simeone had him in the Atletico First squad in his first professional year... But he need go on loan to get minutes as a starter... He was very stupid because Bielsa wanted him to be starter in OM, but he prefered go to Liverpool, when, obviuosly, he was almos always in the stands (Glen Johnson and Flanagan disputed the position). Then... He did very well in OM (one year later), and very very very bad and Sunderla
  7. Longstaff looks like as if he was professional since 1999.
  8. Manquillo starter instead Yedlin. Diame and Ki in the bench No Barreca
  9. Adam will be free on next month on parole. They have to be 3 years more signing every week in the Judge... But he says he don't want to play in UK and he has offers to play in Turkey, Germany and France.
  10. Dubravka, Yedlin, Schar, Lascelles, Lejeune, Ritchie, Longstaff, Hayden, Ayoze, Almiron, Rondon. Do you expect any change in the XI very typical in this midweeks matchs?
  11. I am sure it's the same. Chelsea will appeal to FIFA, who will refused the appeal. Then, Chelsea will apeal to TAS (I think in English you said CAS) and they get a licensed to sign this summer and the ban will evaluate in some months. If they are finally punished, they will start with the ban next january.
  12. Yes I wish. I am trying to make a plan with my cousin (Newcastle fan too thanks to me) to go... But I would like to spend a few days in the Toon and no only for the match. But at the momment is complicated because the differents work schedules we have.
  13. With the years I can speak and understand more or less everybody in a conversation. I know, I have a lot of grammar mistakes... But.. step by step. And yes... Some people told me... geordies have their own language hahaha
  14. Mmm Good Question. OK. I am Atletico de Madrid Supporter. This is first point. You should know, Atletico was a big club in the past (70s and 90s) in recent years... but with a bad president we get relegated in 1999. We stop winning titles... and pass very bad years until Simeone's comeback. More or less in 2004 (I was 12 years old) I watched a Newcastle match in TV. I was amazed with the team, the fans, the stands... People. I don't know. This crazy looks like very similar to Atletico. I can say I felt somethings inside to me with this black and white stripes. And I felt in love.
  15. By the way, sorry for my English... I am Spanish. I am registered in the forum since 2010, but I almost have never wrote because my English is very poor and take to me a lot of time to translate and understand the work of the website.... But I am going to try to spend more time with you!
  16. Is a mix between this shirt and 2011-12 shirt...
  17. It suposse the away (the orange) is based in the roof of SJP.... I mean, the strange things is the roof... Can you see? xD PS: You can bet it will be true kits because Footyheadlines works directly with the brands and the teams and they have never post any wrong shirts... so...
  18. His style of play is very similar to the Kun Aguero
  19. I believe that we don't sing up one Striker... I think that we will sing up one player who plays a hand with goal (Remy or Odemwingie). In addition, Pardew said that SaAmeobi had played very good.... Cissé will be a center forward
  20. Thanks!!! In Newcastle (City) have a lot of magpies? In Spain have a few...
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