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  1. Hello friends. I am Spanish and I have 21 years. I've always been of Atletico Madrid fan, but for about 6 years, I love Newcastle. In Spain it is difficult to meet other clubs abroad and would like to know why we call Magpies. A greeting and thanks. Sorry for my bad English
  2. -Newcastle going to try to sign Jan Vertonghen (Ajax Amsterdam). 10£. -Newcastle going to try to sign Aly CIssokho (O. Lyon) 6£ -Chelsea does not want Malouda would be a good option to loan(Obertan is Rubbish and Marveaux injuried...) -Many players end the contract in 2012 and may be booked at 0 cost booked in June or in January for very little money: - Ivan Klasnic and Gary Cahill( Bolton) -Chori Castro (Mallorca) (Very similar as Jonas) -Kalou and Malouda (Chelsea)- (Villas Boas want to loan Malouda NOW) -Berbatov (M United) -Arshavin, Rosicky (Arsenal) -Muntari (Internaziona
  3. Tuesday night 20th September v Nottingham Forest in the Carling Cup according to Alan Pardew about half an hour ago Thanks. I Hope his return!
  4. Transfer News Center Woke up to a text from a friend of mine telling me LFC are close to agreeing a fee for Jose Enrique - A CREDIT TO @Mragentx3
  5. HI. I want to know official Twitter of players of our team. I know: -José Enrique http://twitter.com/#!/J_Enrique3 -Nile Ranger http://twitter.com/#!/NilePowerRanger -Jonás Gutierrez http://twitter.com/#!/elgalgojonas -Shefki Kuqi http://twitter.com/#!/ShefkiKuqi -Dan Gossling http://twitter.com/#!/dangosling15 -Shane Ferguson http://twitter.com/#!/shane_fergie -Danny Simpson http://twitter.com/#!/dannysimpson12 -Sammy Ameobi http://twitter.com/#!/Sammy_Ameobi -Steven Taylor http://twitter.com/#!/S_TaylorReal Are really official Twitter? Anybody knoew some Twitter more?
  6. More links of spanish newspapper http://el-nacional.com/www/site/p_contenid...se-al-Liverpool Spanish: El nuevo delantero del Liverpool, que fichó anoche por ese club tras un traspaso de 40 millones de euros, reveló hoy que el Newcastle le pidió que presentara una petición de traspaso, según se entiende, para atraer el interés de los "reds". "(El director ejecutivo), Derek (Llambias), me pidió que presentara una petición de traspaso, así que me vi arrinconado y sin otra opción. Ellos no me querían y me dejaron claro que querían el dinero", explicó el futbolista, algo dolido por l
  7. Sorry...But in Spain this was in the newspapper. Sorry for the translate...For me, Carroll is a local hero. http://www.elmundo.es/elmundodeporte/2011/...1296579808.html Spanish: El nuevo fichaje del Liverpool FC, Andy Carroll, se ha mostrado muy crítico con los dirigentes del Newcastle al asegurar que éstos le han forzado a salir del equipo. "Yo no quería irme del Newcastle en absoluto, estoy destruido. Fui empujado por los dirigentes y no tenía otra opción", expresó el delantero británico. Carroll sostiene que su intención era la de renovar por el Newcastle pero fue el club quié
  8. He is not forward. He play un right, as Gutierrez. Callejon is a fantastic player, is the revelation player in Spain and newspapper say to the posibility of the international call
  9. Traduction (Very very Bad, Sorry) Newcastle, after Callejon His manager, Alan Pardew will be followed closely in the coming games and looks to make an offer for him. The Madrid may exercise its playoff scoring and is on the idea of doing it. . AS.COM | 10/03/2011 Newcastle are considering the possibility of bidding for Jose Espanyol Callejón player who could also play-off Real Madrid, the club was formed. His buyout clause is eight million euros. Everton and Wigan have made ​​a special follow Granada striker and Newcastle's manager, Alan Pardew, intends to watch h
  10. El Newcastle, tras Callejón Su mánager, Alan Pardew, le seguirá detenidamente en los próximos partidos y estudia hacer una oferta por él. El Madrid puede repescarle ejerciendo el derecho de tanteo y está en la idea de hacerlo. .AS.COM | 10/03/2011 El Newcastle está sopesando la posibilidad de hacer una oferta al Espanyol por José Callejón, futbolista que también podría repescar el Real Madrid, club en el que se formó. Su cláusula de rescisión es de ocho millones de euros. Everton y Wigan ya han hecho un seguimiento especial al delantero granadino y el mánager del Newcastle, Ala
  11. Spanish Newspapper tell that Newcastle United offer to Milan for more of 14 Millions €
  12. Diego I will bet on Real Club de Zaragoza tonight, I can't believe how poor the form of Atletico de Madrid is. What's happened? 12/02/2011 Primera Division At. Madrid vs. Valencia L - 1:2 05/02/2011 Primera Division Barcelona vs. At. Madrid L - 3:0 30/01/2011 Primera Division At. Madrid vs. Athletic Bilbao L - 0:2 23/01/2011 Primera Division Gijon vs. At. Madrid L - 1:0 20/01/2011 Copa del Rey At. Madrid vs. Real Madrid L - 0:1 13/01/2011 Copa del Rey Real Madrid vs. At. Madrid L - 3:1 10/01/2011 Primera Division Hercules vs. At. Madrid L - 4:1 06/01/2011 Copa
  13. I'm Spanish. Diego Perotti is a irregular player. Last year was 5 or 6 games at a very good, but nothing more. I would sign and not least 7 million Euros as they say here in Spain.
  14. All my life I've been a fan of Atletico de Madrid (I'm Spanish). But long I love Newcastle and I dream one day to go to St James Park. The day I got the equipment to COcacolachampionship, I saw the match on my internet home and suffered as a genuine Geordie It is difficult but possible, especially since they played in two different leagues
  15. I don't see how you have suffered that much under him You've won La Liga, Europa League, Super Cup, Copa Del Ray (3 times) You also have an infinitely better team that Newcastle. Unfortunately, not aware of the financial situation of the club. Atletico de Madrid (1930-1987) (Without Gil)-> 8 leagues, 6 Cups, 1 champions league finally Atletico de Madrid (1987-2011) (Whit Gil)-> 1 league, 3 cup, 1 UEFA, 1 Super CUp In 24 years we have had more of 300 players and more of 50 coachs (more of two of season).
  16. what do you put in for DNI Diego? edit> nevermind date of birth i'm guessing? ID = National ID card. Do not know how you call it there or if you have not ... sorry.
  17. Kun Aguero was the one who rejected the offer, not the president. On the other hand, this team has given away free (even with the contract) to Simao, Maxi, Luis Garcia, Maniche, Seitaridis. Furthermore, it has proven that money stayed with the signings of Cleber, Costinha, Pernia telling the fans that were more expensive and then take the money. The president also admitted that the money from the cub has bought two houses for him and paid his daughter's birthday. Believe me they are two very similar leaders. Gil Fuck, Fuck Ashley!
  18. Newcastle supporters have to beat whit Ashley. If you help Atco Madrid, millions of Atletico Fans would be grateful and a lot of help you when we want fight whit Aslhey.
  19. Today, in Spain, the newspaper tell what Enrique will play in Liverpool the next season and what Vicente del Bosque will call him to the next national match. I hope that Enrique stay at St James Park...
  20. Ola buenos dias dos cerveza por favor. I remember when you won la liga in 96(?) Pantelic was the boyo, and also when you beat Man Utd 3-0 about 1990, bravo. Jesus Gil is a cunta FIRMAR Stevie. two beers for you. Thanks! Yes. We won our last liga in 1996, with Pantic (No Pantelic LoL). Thanks so much.
  21. Hello friends. I wanted to asked for help to save the Atletico Madrid team that has half of my heart (the other half is nufc). I tell you quickly. Before the team was 2 º in Spain (even better than Barcelona). But we suffered for 24 years a president and a policy that is bringing the club into bankruptcy. A judge leaders proved that bought the club without putting money and then have stolen money from the coffers of the club. This situation is even worse than Mike Ashley. I only ask you to help save a historic club and will continue to disappear. You just have to weather in this page and put y
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