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  1. havent been on here in ages, but just wanted to post to Steve and say glad to hear about the news
  2. USA TV coverage limited to Aljazeer Sports channel which no fucker carries....
  3. mackems; "we're not obsessed" ....but half of the threads on home page are about NUFC
  4. Various groups in the US are having some meetups for upcoming matches and if you're around or close to either Florida or New York, thought I'd mention it Firstly, in Florida we're going to arrange the 1st Sunshine State Toon Army meetup in Fort Lauderdale (most likely for the late ko Spurs game in February). Contact me for further details or on twitter (@toonarmymia) Secondly, in New York they're having their almost-annual East coast mackem derby convention with toon fans coming in from DC, Canada and around for a day of drinking starting most likely around 7-8am (@toonarmynyc). Al
  5. Lee Cattermole joined twitter....@cattermole_lee some of the tweets already from toon fans are funny
  6. http://www.whoateallthepies.tv/photos/101330/the-7-worst-football-statues-youll-hopefully-see-today.html
  7. ESPN just put up "Newcastle, England", but Ian Darke repeatedly called it SJP over here in USA coverage
  8. My twitter comments about Barton appeared in three national newspapers this morning, Barton got emotional, and started abusing me then had no comeback. That was it. Read his timeline today, you will cringe more than when Keith Chegwin got his willy out on national telly. he's become as bad as the reality TV stars he mocks in that he seem to be clambering for any attention he can get
  9. ...maybe the survey was done in Milan?
  10. NUFC fans starting to make up a large % of Premier League fans over here in USA. Fastest growing televised sport right now. However, in my travels, have met around 5 mackems TOTAL in USA
  11. >15% of people in developed countries such as UK and USA suffer from some form of depression (which means more than 1 in 8). Now how many of you know anyone with a depressive disorder? The fact that its seen as weakness and not treated equally as say a condition of another part of the body, explains why many people hide it. Typically, someone with depression will be told to "pull themselves together" etc, which aint gonna happen. Increasing the awareness, understanding and how this can be approached is the key here. The folks that hide it well, but bottle it make up the other statist
  12. http://www1.skysport...y-streets-ahead The gap in quality between Manchester City and Newcastle is 'phenomenal', according to Paul Merson, who watched Roberto Mancini's men earn their 11th victory of the season in some comfort. Both sides went into the match unbeaten but City emerged with the three points after Sergio Aguero's 72nd- minute penalty added to first-half strikes from Mario Balotelli, from the spot, and Micah Richards. It took the league leaders over 40 minutes to break the Magpies down, though, and Merson told Soccer Saturday he was impressed with Newcastle's attacking st
  13. Driving up Saturday morning. Either going to be drinking around Church Street or going to be down at the pubs in Universal. Either way, we will be going to the stadium for tailgating well before the game. What will you be doing? Might be my age but what is that? Is it like dogging in the UK? if enough is drank then it becomes dogging
  14. Newcastle United USA Tour Limited Edition Away Kit
  15. Accessible outside the US without VPN? good question; i'll ask the orlando city lads when i speak to them this week
  16. So who's going to this game? Anyone up for some pints in Orlando? Game will be streamed live on Orlando City website
  17. One for the American tour: Banned in the USA, Joey's, Banned in the USA (to Born in the USA)
  18. Who's bought tickets and to which games in USA tour? Got ours for the Orlando game
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