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  1. It's hardly been edge of the seat stuff to be honest, but we are where we are due to steady organisation and plenty luck. Pardew has been 9/10 this season, and I still think that, it's not his fault Gosling was shite, as well as Obertan, anyone can talk about mistakes in hindsight, but the fact remains I think the man is a cunt. I will always will he's a total mug, from seeing a 50 year old toon fan in a petrol station with toon top, shorts and sock on, to saying Carroll would never be sold. Consistent lies. He is a yes man who has a degree of capability in running a squad, nothing more, n
  2. Pardews an Ashley Yes Man ..he deserves all the criticism hes going to get ...just bsed on that one fact .
  3. The problem is that FMA only' business plan ' is to sweat money out of the club ... selling Carroll for £ 35 m and probably Tiote in Jan ..is his way of screwing as much cash out of the club ...until he eventually sells up in a few years time when the market has turned in his favour . By that time he will have already as good as made his money back ..anything else will be profit .
  4. The only blank we have to fill in is how much money FMA gets for Tiote
  5. In an era of overpaid and up their own arse ' superstars ' Gary Speed was a reminder of earlier times ... of a more down to earth , humble and genuine sportsman / footballer ..more akin to the Jackie Milburns of this world than the brattish Wayne Rooneys etc . Never the most gifted , but certainly one of the most hard working , responsible and endearing characters of the modern game . Even after a few days distance , the events of Sunday beggar belief and i guess it is of little comfort to finally know how widely he was loved by not just us , but fans of all clubs , not just the ones he played
  6. Ashley will remain ..until hes squeezed every last penny he can out of this club ....
  7. He has taken us to the next level ...Championship level ...
  8. Anyone know where i can get Kronenbourg Blanc ? Love it but cant seem to find it anywhere these days
  9. Moncur needs to fuckoff too ..Kevs entitled to speak up ...
  10. Yeah ..you never did ..you stupid little cunt .
  11. Never mind a fuckin stupid garden ..if he wants to be remembered ...then buy the fucking club back off the FCB Ashley !
  12. just like the good old days. Still, its all "business". The good old days didn't have Bosman, it's called common sense same rules for everybody. Run the club like Netto, and your best players want to go because they see it for what it is. Just like your good old days. There's a fact of life that you need to get your head around. When and if certain clubs come calling you just are not going to be able to hold onto your players. The summer will be the test, if he gets sold to someone like Villa or Everton THEN you can rightly whinge. I think selling our top
  13. Its ..bye bye ...Tiote ...Guitierrez ..Barton ..and anyone lese with a modicum of talent ..when are you muppets going to get it into your heads that Ashley doesnt give a fuck ? Hes out to screw as much profit out of this club ..come what may ...hes a businessman ...not a football man ...what else needs to be explained ...Keegan was right .
  14. Bye bye Jose ..and Barton too ...for having the temerity to speak out ..
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