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  1. She's seeing Jermain Defoe.
  2. Fit and proper persons test is to find out how the potential owner made the money to buy the club and whether he's capable of getting the cash together to pay off the old owner. It also looks at things like past reputation, though looking at Shinawatra the fit and proper persons test can't be all that hard to pass.
  3. Is Shearer's seat on the Match of the Day sofa still waiting for him?
  4. Stephen


    So he's gone from To hinting that it was the players around him that didn't provide the service. Which is it Micky?
  5. Ibrahimovic would be absolutely brilliant for Barcelona, but something about Eto'o + Ibra and Hleb on loan + £35m for Ibra just doesn't make sense.
  6. This doesn't make sense. He says he will stay if he has to, then he goes on to completely alienate himself from the fans by going on about money. I don't expect him to take a wage cut, I know I wouldn't, but the majority of fans will feel quite angry with those comments...
  7. Linked with a move to Arsenal on GOAL.com. Then again, it is GOAL.com and there are no quotes to back up the article, so it's more than likely plucked from thin air.
  8. Will believe it when I see it. Right now, my view of the current lot is at its lowest, I learnt quite quickly not to believe anything they said until I have seen it with my own eyes. Encouraging to see that Shearer is still having an impact in a way on pre season training. Or it could just be because Hughton hasn't got a clue what else to do...
  9. Stephen


    Will do a good job for them as a squad player for the league. Will also help in the Champions League with the home grown players rule I'd imagine.
  10. Ottmar Hitzfeld is odds on to be our next manager.
  11. Interesting read. I thought West Ham were done for with all that was happening regarding debt and players on high wages, but the future is looking quite good now for them. Zola had them playing some good football, even had Carlton Cole playing like a Premiership footballer, something I thought was impossible.
  12. What if a potential buyer didn't want Alan Shearer as manager?
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