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  1. Just discovering the Dead Daises. Part way through their first album. Quite liking it so far.
  2. I have the same amplug and they are surprisingly good. I've never quite managed to get the right balance with the volume when using the line in and playing along with a track but the overdriven tone isn't bad when you consider its just a simple headphone practice amp. It could do with a lead extension and a clip so you could attach it to your strap. It seems to hang out of the bottom of my Les Paul. It's marginally better in my strat given the position of the jack socket. Got a gorilla guitar stand for Christmas. It's foam covered at the base and the neck areas so hopefully no paint issues
  3. I discovered those guys (temperance movement) a year or so ago and they a currently one of my favourite bands now. I'm off to see them again for a 4th time tonight at the ritz in Manchester. I met them after a gig last year and they are genuinely lovely blokes too. They are class live too
  4. I've started to fall out with him a little tbh. It's like he's stagnated and become more one-dimensional. By that I mean, he's very, very Eric Johnson (who's a hero of his I know) and lost some of that edge he had. The last few studio albums all seem to have had the same sort of feel (love the Vienna one though). He's almost too polished if you know what I mean? He seemed more prolific up to and including the Sloe Gin era. Post Sloe Gin, is seems to have gone OTT IMO. Sat listening to the Paul Jones programme at the minute and the first track they are playing is good though; so hopefully i
  5. Yeah, he's recorded it very much in the style and tone of Hendrix too (from the bit I heard on iTunes). I need to get a copy of the album.
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    Somewhat perversely; I'd want pictures or it didn't happen
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    Thanks to Craig passing this info to the NUFC.com guys, I've finally heard about this too. Shocked is an understatement. I think I only met him once, at pre-match drinks in the Trent. As a fellow OOT, places like Toontastic are really important to help keep up with whats going on and I always feel a bit of an affection towards fellow OOT's as it's hard sometimes to feel part of it all when you aren't living in Newcastle any more. I was never big friends with him, nor did I have any major contact with him, but he was someone who seemed a decent lad with a bit of craic. I echo the sentiments
  8. Not bought the iRig yet and it does come with Amplitube for free. However, I've started looking at tube practice amps though Separately, I've just bought one of these as one of the guys I've met at the group class I've started at has one and they are canny: http://www.snarktuners.com/tuners/original-clip-on I bought the SN-2 as it does tuning through both the mic and vibration. Should arrive today.
  9. Hey mate, yeah - I've considered the same. The basic iRig is £20 with the "HD" version nearer £70 which is the same as the Peavey one and some of the others. For £150 I can get a little valve amp with headphones & line in. I think if I was going to that expense, I'd ditch the idea of the iRig and go with the valve practice amp (I have a thing for valves). I guess, for £20, I should probably just try it. I can't seem to find my plug in guitar tuner, so I need one of those anyway at it's at least a tenner for one of those. The iRig has one built in and does different tunings. I suppo
  10. I know its a while since I actively posted anything, but I there are a few guitarists on here and I'm getting back into playing. I've been looking at the iRig (and the alternatives such as the ampkit & Jam) and wondered if anyone had any thoughts / experience of using them? Cost isnt the issue - they are all of a achievable price, but I wondered how people thought they performed? Is the iRig any good seeing as its a third of the cost? I'm less interested in amp / effect simulation per ce (although it is useful), but more something I can use for headphoned practice, recording, play
  11. Disappointed today. We just fell apart in the 2nd half, never mind the last 10mins. For me, Cisse & Ba can't play together without Ben Arfa & Cabaye; and even then I'm not convinced. Cisse's becoming a bit Asprilla-like for me (without the antics). By that I mean, he's upset the balance up front. Mind you, we have bigger problems defensively and in midfield - which is detracting from the goals we are scoring. I can't believe we've scored 6 in the last two games (away to OT & Emirates) and we have fuck all to show for it. For once, we can't blame a poor run of form on an ina
  12. Lovely. What time are you heading over to the markets? It'd be lovely to see you again. I work in town, so it's only a short walk over to the markets after work. [/shameless self-invitation]
  13. Which markets, are you down in Manchester this weekend?
  14. Picked up two white iPhone 5's on Sat, just waiting on the PAC switchover. Feels a lot lighter in my hand and tbh, the extra length is better than I expected. I initially thought it might feel too long.
  15. I'm after a NAS and I've been looking at the synology ones. They seem to rate well and are complimented by a decent feature spec. I was looking at the ds212j (lower end) and they look pretty good too. I can't decide if the 400 series is worth the extra cash or not? What made you go for the 413j?
  16. You're not wrong In fact, I've been listening to quite a bit of his older stuff just recently. I'm sure I've said this before in this thread, but if you haven't got it; get his Live at Rock Palast bootleg. He does The River and goes straight into Burning Hell. Its essentially 19mins of slide guitar porn. Fucking lovely.
  17. That's one of the things that actually pisses me off about Apple. They force you into buying an adaptor that most people would give you for free; and the make you pay nominally £25 for the privilege. They do the same with the VGA adaptor, DVI adaptor, HDMI adaptor (granted, paying for that one is probably ok) for macbooks etc. It feels a bit petty if I'm honest.
  18. Tbh CT - it might have helped if I gave you the correct app name Its actually CineXplayer: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/cinexplayer-best-way-to-enjoy/id384098375?mt=8 I still use iTunes to sync everything, but if you go to the app tab on your iphone / ipad, then you can scroll down past the app view to where the apps are that accept files. From there, select CineXplayer and just drag the video files into that window. You can even organise the files into folders inside the app and hide them from the kids. I use it to hide the stuff my young'uns aren't old enough to watch as they just
  19. I think there's some mileage in the 'It wouldn't have happened on Jobs' watch". I've used the app in London last week when trying to navigate my way to a meeting. It did get me there, but I'll be honest, I didn't have the same faith in it that I did with Google Maps. It didn't seem to quite show me 'exactly' where I was, more sort of near by. I'll go as far as to say that I don't think Jobs would have allowed what is essentially a sub-standard app to be released. As an app, it is well below what I'd normally expect from an Apple-written app. Fair play to TIm Cook for actually saying so
  20. I can recommend CineplayerX. You can drag & drop files of most formats into itunes from inside the app window and they get copied to the device. Works great.
  21. Ok, this Green Day album just got...... poppy? WTF? Kill the DJ sounds like something I'd expect some faux-indy, 80's-inspired pop guitar band to produce.
  22. Currently listening to Green Day's new album for the first time. I'm on track 3 - Carpe Diem. So far, the album has a bit of a Nimrod / Warning feel to it. It certainly feels like some of their earlier stuff, but with more grown up lyrics and less about masturbation & getting stoned. Earlier, I was listening to a Joe Bonamassa album I'd not listened to in ages - Sloe Gin. His cover of Seagull is nice, as is the track after it - Dirt in my pocket.
  23. Ha. The thing is though, bollocks or not; they enforce a set of rules which mean you have to develop apps to a good standard. It's a PITA in some respects, but the overall benefit is there to see. Getting a client to pay for the extra Dev time though.........
  24. That's exactly how I feel, just the opposite way around both parents and my sister in law have android phones, as does a sizeable chunk of the guys where I work. As someone who is involved in developing apps, I can definitely say that the andriod apps are of poorer quality. The hoops we have to jump through to meet apples strict qa and standards is immense.
  25. Looks like a fake to me based upon the plethora of rumours flying around. There seems to be some legs in the idea of a taller iPhone (which I'm not sure about) and more than a few sites have been running the change in doc connector (which will be a massive PITA if true) but cosmetically its not going to be hugely different. I have to say, I don't care if it looks largely the same, the design works. You dont see most manufacturers making wholesale changes to their designs very often. The last few iterations of HTC devices and Samsung devices in particular have been creeping ever closer to the i
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