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  1. Indifferent to her death, she was a bitch but meh. Better not be a state funeral though... given how many lives she destroyed it wouldn't be appropriate at all.
  2. That's true, but having watched with a grimace so many of Cabaye's set pieces, I think that for me personally, Marveaux is putting the ball into better positions. I think Marveux could come good, he seems to be working harder and he looked useful to me today (probably would have scored had Cisse not been selfish in the first half). I'm not saying he's anything special but he worked hard for once.
  3. I prefer having him to not having him. I think he offers us something in an attacking support role and he has the pace to break quickly. Obviously it'd be good if he scored occasionally. Looked pretty good against Fulham for the most part.
  4. He's a massive improvement on Cabaye for corners and set pieces, even if we still don't really get anything from them. Good player, enjoying watching him right now.
  5. He's scored 8 goals this year in the league which isn't great for a lead forward; but then perhaps you have to consider that he played the first half of the season out of position. I think he does work hard, he was running around everywhere and he always really wants to score. I'd want him to stick around too, he's an ideal forward.
  6. QPR are never going to recover from that. About time they finally gave up the ghost, especially as we still have to play them.
  7. Yeah maybe you're right. He's a liability in general, I wouldn't miss him. I don't think I've watched a game this season where I've thought 'Fuck me, wish Tiote was playing'. Would take him as a squad player but that's just wishful thinking really - I doubt we'd sign an upgrade.
  8. I dunno, I'd take a draw. I'm really torn in this relegation fight to be honest, I want all three of QPR, Wigan and Sunderland to go down. Reading look beyond help though, so I'd probably have to settle for QPR and Sunderland.
  9. I'd be all for getting shot of Tiote but I doubt anyone would cough up 20mill. Maybe 10 if we're lucky, he's not exactly had a strong season.
  10. I think beating Sunderland would do it actually. We'd be 8 points up on them with 5 games to play. Don't see them picking up 8 points in five games... plus that would be devastating to their confidence. Lose however, and we're right back in it again, making today all the more vital.
  11. From my point of view, the important thing is that we've just hauled Norwich and Stoke into it as well. Sunderland starting to look a little adrift down there now actually.
  12. Fucks sake, that could not have been much closer...
  13. He has scored 6 goals this campaign...
  14. I still think we'll win this although it'll be through good fortune rather than good play. And I can't see Chelsea sitting back against Sunderland for the second half either. Fulham haven't exactly made any convincing attacks, save for Berbatov - and even then, he's been marshalled pretty well.
  15. Why Cisse didn't square that to Marvaeux, I will never know...
  16. Can you imagine the shit we'd be in if we hadn't strengthened in January?
  17. I think we're missing Debuchy to be honest, he just seems to drive the team forward. Hope he's back soon...
  18. If we bring in another manager we'll just be back to the hire 'em fire 'em routine where we're constantly in search of instant upturns in favour without the stability to make it happen. The guy is doing a good job in difficult circumstances and I genuinely believe we'll be a force next year if we can stave of relegation and the players get their collective heads together. The plan should be to catch Spurs, the team who we could have been. I thought most of you agreed a few weeks back that it was worth pursuing the Europa League to the detriment of the league? If not for individual errors w
  19. I have noted quite a few people with self proclaimed 'moderate ring wing leanings' seem to be sticking up for him. It's a bit worrying all told... I still think he might give them a boost though, I'd have far preferred that they brought in McLeish.
  20. Yeah we really should win this - win this and beat Sunderland and I think we're set for a comfortable run in. Nothing seems guaranteed though at this point. It's been really frustrating recently (Man City aside) as we've deserved to pick up more points than we actually have. Fulham haven't been amazing recently, and we're really overdue for taking them to the cleaners.
  21. Don't you think Gutierrez will end up in left back?
  22. That's very true in the UK. In China and Japan however... babe magnet. I'm only half kidding as well. Also I fucking hate wearing glasses, they may as well do something interesting.
  23. I dunno, Man City look out of sorts. I think we could give them problems but I suppose the reality is that we'll lose.
  24. I am definitely getting Google Glasses, they sound absurdly awesome!
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