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  1. Not really. You can't in all fairness class people doing a little part time/peice work, the sort of stuff where you earn under the limit, in the same bracket as full time workers.
  2. Would have to have been lolerpool.
  3. Defoe's dad just died. I think this squad is cursed. We could be coming home as P3 W0 D0 L3 F0 A5.
  4. Your premise is wrong. We tax to fund the things we deem should be publicly funded, like schools, hospitals etc. Redistribution of wealth as an actual purpose of government is more Mugabe/Stalin's style. If you want to incentivise people to work, you'll do better by invoking the American model, rather than the Stalinist one. You don't eliminate poverty by screwing over the rich, all that produces is the redefiniton of poverty as is happening now - it used to be based on the ability to feed yourself, now it's based on whether you can afford a decent telly. Full employment is irrelevant, this unfair system is used even when employment is at record lows. I sign up to the idea of a tax allowance, so paper boy's are irrlevant, but other than that, I see no moral basis in the idea that just because you earn less, you should pay less in percentage terms. In my dictionary, equity is the "quality of being fair and impartial". Making communist like assumptions that the only reason someone earns a lot is because they inherited it or otherwise didn't really earn it in a way a 'normal' tax payer does, or that they somehow had different opportunities in life, is not being impartial.
  5. See, that's another stick with which to beat the Republic nutters with. If as the claim, the BBC really were just the mouthpiece of the monarchy, would they have kept <s>me</s>him as the Royal Correspondant for so long? They're clearly keeping <s>me</s>him in the post for as long as possible, just to make the point that they are 'impartial'.
  6. See. Now that's funny. Gemmil et al, take note.
  7. Precisely what Kermode said about it, contrasting it with how whenever something happened to someone in Alien, you knew who it was
  8. I only know of MF by what he posts on here.....
  9. If Meenzer says he wants you to be his daddy, I think it means something else apparently....
  10. The flame is actually embarassed at how un-flame like it is compare to their hair.
  11. Cabaye on the first England game When we beat England at Wembley we were missing some players. But we won so we have a small psychological advantage. However, it was only a friendly. This is going to be a competitive game, so it is different. It is the first match and it is going to be very important. I hope we are going to play well and beat them, but I don't know if we are better than them." http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/18294554
  12. Jedward carrying it through the streets of Dublin. Wierd.
  13. Yeah sure. I'm guessing the fact she couldn't marry the person she loved and her position as the Queen's younger sister had nothing to do with her troubled life. Yeah, she had all the opportuniy in the world to do whatever she liked eh, no obligations at all. Nobody would have batted an eyelid had she just fucked off and become a waitress. You fucking mug. I seriously really wonder if there's any cunt on this board that knows a fucking thing about the Royal Family.
  14. These are transient effects. It's not relevant where the proposed model is permanent - whether you earn £15k or £500k, you're 'fair share' is X%. For every lazy asshole that doesn't want to work unless he gets XYZ take home, there's an eager French worker out there happy to get a job in this country and buy our goods and pay for our services, because in their socialist paradise their businesses are totally fucked by heavy taxes and over-regulation, meaning they are very reluctant to hire or expand/change unless the economic outlook is completely rosy. And that economic reality is only going to get worse if they start taxing the rich at 80%. France is so fucked that London is now France's 6th biggest city, and rather than fix the domestic causes of that exodus of talent, they're only idea is to give them representation in their parliament!
  15. Even though the wink is there, this was still in pretty poor taste. Not only did she serve in the ATS, she's one of the very few people in the country who have had serving members in every recent generation of her family. If you really want to know what Normandy veterans think of the Queen, you only need to listen to them - such as the one bloke who stood on the freezing deck of HMS Belfast during the thames pageant, just to give her a salute (and not the sort of salute Lucky Luke probably gives). Anyone who tries to play off the military against the monarchy, even in jest, really knows nothing about either subject - the military more than anyone has been at the heart of the jubilee celebrations, and not just as part of the large scale events; the Windsor muster & yesterday's salute are both very personal tributes from the military to their commander in chief. Mark the anniversary by all means, but don't use it to take the piss.