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  1. This woman baffles me, and surely (taking off any remain cap you are wearing for one moment) it sounds ridiculous to everyone? Surely any future vote has to be between leave full stop, and remain full stop. Not a deal or remain, that’s pretty much what the last 3 years have already been, it’s like groundhog day, Theresa negotiations mark 2.
  2. I said kind of .. and forgive me but I can’t be arsed going through all that again with my own reasons for ticking the leave box. lol. Was like poking a stick in a wasp nest last time around.
  3. Thats another thing. You are all far more intelligent (or should I say knowledgeable? lol) than the majority of voters. Including me! I am one of the 90% who just go with face value a lot of times. I never did EU at Uni haha.. didn’t even go to Uni. That majority needs won over by a charismatic leader who the people can relate to or believe
  4. SM kind of yeah.. CU I fucking thought I did lol.. apparently not.
  5. In much more important news... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-highlands-islands-49495145
  6. And get rid of a few of those around him too.
  7. Can see what you’re saying man. As I said I tend to gravitate towards relatable leaders and policy. I don’t gravitate toward Corbyn, for kind of the reasons ewerk states above BUT that doesn’t mean I am gravitating toward Boris lol. I just won’t vote (again). They are all shite.
  8. Agree with all that pretty much. And this stand off last few years has enabled the extreme on both sides to gain followings. Partly because 90% of people get their information from the internet or TV news. Guilty here of that too I suppose. Whats increasingly annoying for me, which became instantly apparent after the referendum is when you say you voted leave you are immediately branded right wing or even racist. Id consider myself centre.. I agree with what some left say, and some right, I’ve been a floating voter in the past and gravitate toward relatable leaders as well as poli
  9. Thats exactly it. They should have took the concerns of a large portion of our country onboard and gave us a bit more, we wouldn’t have this situation. I would have probably voted remain and I bet many others would have too, and we would all be here happy as Larry moaning about Mike Ashley instead.
  10. Ok I mean just more willing to listen and give up more than what they did.
  11. They didn’t exactly give Cameron that when he went to negotiate a better deal in the first place. If they had been so willing to give up like that to us, maybe the referendum would never have happened? That’s partly the problem, they should listen to individual countries concerns within the EU.
  12. Brexit aside, I honestly don’t think Corbyn will make anyone’s lives any better.
  13. Yeah as I said.. was tactical, I get it, but the wording in that policy.. they believe so strongly about getting into power to make changes for the good of the people.. then passed at the first opportunity.
  14. Yeah. Can’t vote for him, I probably could vote Labour if someone else was running it who I could relate to. But Corbyn the same as all others .. a snake who changes his mind and policies like the wind.. to stay as leader. I mean for instance.. on the website below haha.. and refused to go into one tonight. Yeah tactical but still ..
  15. We may as well vote for Lord Buckethead. Probably wouldn’t be any worse off.
  16. I hope you’re wrong too.. But you’re probably not! There’s nobody fit to run the country properly in any party, and can’t see. how any of it could change anytime soon. And all this fucking about over leave or not is letting each side at extremes fuel fires.
  17. I don’t disagree with you on where the party is now. Theresa was a nightmare in the end, but at first it seemed like she was trying to do her best after Cameron put his trotters up, it became apparent after a month that she was useless. Right now conservatives are beyond anything I’d want to vote for, but Labour is off the scale too.
  18. We can’t change people from being gammon cunts.. but we can change the people who are bloody running the show. None of them are fit to do the job.
  19. I’m no hard brexit type by any means.. just wish they’d actually thought about the bloody possibility that this mess could have been the outcome - from triggering article 50. Yeah would go against will of the people blah blah.. but if they believed so strongly back then as they do now, then it could have saved us all this crap .. and maybe there would be a different Government already. I dunno - kind of past caring too much, just sick to death of it all now. They need to get on with running the country, either being in or out of EU. End rant.
  20. I’m angry with all of them, but especially the ones who voted to trigger article 50 and now state no deal is not what people voted for. They were the ones who triggered it, with that risk attached. Not the people, they shouldn’t have triggered it in the first place. It’s the politicians who are currently destroying the country. None of them can make a decision and stick with it., whichever way they want it to go. Labour has changed from a leave backing party to a remain.
  21. The thing that annoys me most, isn’t the fact this is dragging on forever (thats fucking annoying though).. but it’s the politicians who repeatedly state nobody voted for no deal. It’s as bad as leave means leave. Regardless of the referendum result and what people actually voted for, it was those very same fuckers who triggered article 50, with the very real risk of no deal being the outcome. It’s the biggest welch on a bet ever. they are all arseholes - every single politician- on every side!
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