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  1. Wheee they’ll be aaal ganin owa to smerk some happy baccy with them
  2. My daughter has a touch of social anxiety to this day, which can be totally attributed to an incident when a girl in her school labelled her racist in front of the whole class (made a major drama out of it) because she innocently said in the library when they were reading that a girl in a book looked like the girl. Queue the “you are racist, don’t you know it’s racist to say all black people look the same” comment and telling the teacher and whole class stopping and dealing with it. She was only 11. A completely innocent comment led to one huge drama with teachers invol
  3. Shelvey is 27, don’t think he’s going to shake off his lazy/complacent edge now, sell him asap imo
  4. Missed longstaff today, not that the outcome would have been much different
  5. Well that kind of defeats the whole object! Fucking lunacy
  6. he’s not from wallsend, he’s from jesmond but lives in nice. Fucking retard.
  7. I don’t think that bloke likes democracy.
  8. There’s definitely another twist in this from Boris. Javid saying we will have to wait and see what happens. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-politics-49626693/brexit-sajid-javid-on-whether-government-will-break-new-brexit-law
  9. Swedish parties have similar problems to here with a rise in people against immigration, Immigration scored as one of the top issues in the 2014 and 2018 Swedish elections. The Sweden Democrats, who first joined Parliament in 2010, received more than 13 percent of the national vote in 2014, making it the third-largest political party. It improved on that performance in 2018, its 17.6 percent national share exceeded in some counties and municipalities. It has become impossible for either of the two traditional blocs to form majority governments, since neither bloc wants to govern wi
  10. I assume (guess) he would not run candidates at certain seats Tory’s want to target . Seen this in google news. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/2019/09/07/100-per-cent-sincere-offering-non-aggressive-pact-tories/
  11. Got to agree with this, I think there’s another twist in this from Boris. But as far as I can tell any twist from here is going to be mental and cause an uproar, hence Rudd jumping over the edge now. Pact with Farage is my best guess.
  12. Oh fucking hell!! What was that tune on the intro first minute or two on this.. was it techno trance or something.. got goosebumps there haha, will give it a watch. Edit, just sat and watched it, really good thanks.
  13. First couple of seasons were good, lost it's way a bit since, but will give the new season a go after I finish startup.
  14. Yeah the EU understands itself, that’s certain.
  15. I don’t know anymore man. As I said to Renton it’s become apparent I knew fuck all about customs union as things transpired.
  16. Thats the problem, it’s completely attackable and will have another 2 or 3 years of back and forth imo. Over 17m people are going to see ANOTHER remain team put something together and say.. there you go - ta da - there’s your Brexit. Then they campaign for remain. How much shit do you think would hit the fan then? As ewerk says it is probably irresponsible for Gov. to put no deal as an only alternative option..
  17. No I referred to it as not hard enough for some of the leave politicians. Maybe it’s my wording, it was late .. They can’t get it passed because there’s many don’t want a backstop (mainly) .. so for a “deal” to pass it’s going to have to be a harder version of what she presented, to an extent.
  18. Yeah, see your point. I think, at least I think I think ... that it’s pointless trying to get “another deal” if Boris flops out here. The deals that have come back thus far have not been able to get the go ahead. I don’t think leavers in parliament want to compromise on anything less than a hard - ish Brexit. And even some remain don’t want to cut our arms off with some stuff, just to dress it up and say “it’s Brexit”. So fuck it, let’s just get the elephant out of the room. Did people know they were voting for no deal? No Deal - Remain.
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