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  1. Then they fall under the people who need help bracket. A genuine reason
  2. Its not that it’s not needed. It’s that taking too much away from those who worked hard to get there, will end up with people thinking what’s the point?
  3. People can do anything man. You don’t have to be made of sterner stuff to go to say night classes or something to better your chances etc There’s all sorts people can change even with a tiny bit of effort.
  4. I’ve said plenty times I don’t mind paying more tax or business having to pay a bit more as long as it goes into parts of society that needs it most, That includes homeless, people who have had bad luck but are willing to change.. children , pensioners, disabled.. those who are “unable” for genuine reasons mate
  5. I like these 5.30 kick offs when I’m not arsed about going to games much now. Nice walk with the dog and family at the beach, couple of swiftys, back home in time to watch it on the telly. Thanks Mike
  6. But I don’t disagree with contributions to our society to the most needy, or to those not as fortunate with the cards life dealt them.
  7. We do yeah. But mate, the whole world is dog eat dog. We have it easy in this country yet still people who are fit and able don’t see it. Try living in a dog eat dog world in India or Indonesia or Africa.. that’s tough. Not the UK.
  8. Have you just discovered google images or something?
  9. That’s the goal difference sorted
  10. My family matters first.. then after that I’m open to helping .
  11. apathy united vs brighton who give a fuck. Win it Bruce, or you can do one.
  12. Theres affordable options for people though. And if that means moving location, or doing something in advance to create a bit of extra capital (if the individual is determined enough to own something or invest) then it can be done. 2nd jobs, a side hustle.. it’s not beyond motivated people. A lot of people are just comfortable where they are, happy with the jobs they have, don’t want to improve their lives or their future.. that’s fine. But that should not be taken from those who were the opposite imo. Iif people are hungry enough to change their personal circumstances.
  13. so what? i worked fucking hard for it. Sorry I’ve had a few pints now ha
  14. Errr property goes up in value, rental income goes up over time. Maybe people could have a couple of grand a month rental income in retirement, while owning an asset that increases in value, then your kids get that comfortable cash buffer, until maybe they sell it on a future property price spike (if it ever happens again ha).. Nice having that choice taken away from a plan.., free society huh
  15. Its losing the option to carry that wealth down your family for your kids
  16. Sorry Rayvin I’m in a bad mood today
  17. Wow. Are you saying .. if you had worked your bollocks off at a young age, pumped some spare funds, or even risked the very roof over your head to get a 2nd or 3rd property.. went through the years of headaches you face as a landlord, the ups and downs of interest rates, property prices, and laws which put all rights with shitty tennants.. then someone comes along as says by the way .. fuck you. we are having this. you’d be ok with your wealth being “distributed “?
  18. I think if McDonnel was gone the party might get a bit more support, even with Corbyn. He’s bad news imo
  19. That’s the type of policies that everyone is scared of with this Labour set up. Small business owners, banks .. even the wealthy who were previously Labour supporters. People work hard and sacrifice lots to get ahead in life, to have it taken away or (even more) heavily taxed? Nope ..
  20. I’m not bothered about the bankrupt America part. They need to sort themselves out also. But India isn’t the only country down those parts that simply throws their shite in the Ocean. Makes me sick. Lunacy.
  21. It’s as simple as this for me. Beat Brighton or fuck off Bruce
  22. Cheers. She’s ok in general, but had a couple of therapist sessions. Just divvent look at her lol
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