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  1. Its probably his publisher or PR person getting him in the news rags, twitter aside. Yes he is an utter prick.
  2. well, hats off to his marketing team. They are doing a grand job for the little winnit
  3. haha yeah.. or just go back to nufc moaning
  4. whatever are we all going to moan about when brexit is gone?
  5. Busy watching startup on Amazon, nearly done first season and it’s definitely watchable if you like breaking bad / ozark type things. Trying to avoid all peaky blinder spoilers on new season so we can binge watch them all once startup is done. Already read some by accident though
  6. Wish you could have experienced it in better times, but glad you got there
  7. He needs to look up sometimes and do the simple thing. A quick 1,2 with his pace would see him clear of a defence, but he insists on running into trouble on his own.
  8. Joelinton looked better today. As in hold up play. Was isolated for most the game though, hardly any service at all. Willems looked ok also. Kraft is shit.
  9. was hoping this was the mackems fate one day, not to be :-(
  10. this mackem takeover.. some wealthy yanks who know feck all about “soccer” get in cahoots with some no mark chancers who will “run things” for them.. I’m sure this scenario didn’t end well for the scruffy twats last time ?
  11. sick of hearing about fucking chopra .. ffs who the fuck is he anyway? a fat pie eating, gambling mackem.. who bottled it putting one in for them at st james. Not professional and kind of shows his worth. Happy to take their money but not do the job.
  12. still nice to see our team beat spurs and away fans made some noise . unexpected definitely
  13. thought it couldn’t be that difficult to the make (pretty much) same midfield and defence as last year, hard to beat. All he needed to do was drop shelvey. last week was abysmal
  14. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-england-tyne-49465159/newcastle-united-player-allan-saint-maximin-visits-west-end-food-bank
  15. thing is, there’s no intel inside a mackem
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