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  1. He has changed. He's got rid of idiots like LLambias, Wise, McClaren and brought in Benitez.
  2. By bringing in decent players instead of flops / making bad choices (Llambias / Wise and co). If we had bought a better striker than Mitrovic, we would not have been relegated. 2 or 3 decent players would do wonders. We seem to do business right on the last day. This is what I'm clinging on to.
  3. I do have a lot of interest in the club. I didn't realise that not going to the stadium to watch the club invalidates my support. I agree we have an inept owner, but I just have different thoughts on how to deal with this. Sometimes its best to accept situations than make them worse by protesting. I think we can still be successful under Ashley and sometimes its better the devil you know, although to a point.
  4. Research on what? Still trying to run with that one? The only stadiums I've been to are St James' Park and Gateshead's (for non related football events). The last game I went to was a one during the Bobby Robson era.
  5. I didn't know people were chanting that and I think it's disgusting if they were. Every club have these types of fans who take it too far. I've never been to their stadium and never intend to.
  6. At the time he wasn't convicted so you can't criticise them for that. I don't know about their chip. I don't take much notice of them when they are talking about Sunderland. Based on their stadium, they should be in the Premier League, but if I had the choice, I'd have them in the lowest league possible. I hope they don't get promoted, but I'm expecting them to. I just hope we get our sh.t together (staying up and improving the squad) before we meet them again (hopefully won't, but probably will sometime).
  7. I'm not though. Just because I have a different opinion which people like you can't handle, you have to resort to childish and / or disgusting insults.
  8. Laughing at jokes about peodophila. Very cool that is. Almost as funny as being obsessed with someone and keep changing their profile picture and details.
  9. Best not take a risk like we did with Slimani.
  10. It's not just juvenile and sad, it's disturbiing people finding this funny. Obviously a moderator has edited and keeps editing my profile, which is very sad indeed, just because I post comments he / she disagrees with.
  11. You have some very disturbing thoughts. Professional help required I think.
  12. Do you go crying to the teacher when someone takes your pencil at school? You little tell tale you!
  13. Or some people just can't engage in adult conversations as it's above their IQ level and resort to puerile means.
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