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  1. It hadn't been agreed by then though and could easily have fallen through.
  2. The Athletic stating personal terms agreed.
  3. That's quite funny for you.
  4. Aye marra that's exactly right, yee naar ya shit, mug!
  5. As usual, you are wide of the mark dopey.
  6. He's taking the piss now. He's gone on holiday.
  7. Where you getting personal terms have been agreed?
  8. How much does he pay yeez for the free advertising or is it payment of another kind, yi dorty mefs? Henderson to blame for last night, the mackem bottler.
  9. He's bitter for being gullible enough to believe the takeover would happen.
  10. No top 6 club would want Wilson.
  11. At the time it was true, we didn't have enough quality at the time. We do now (just about) and will get stronger each season Bruce is here as we are in safe hands with him.
  12. Why are you so gutless to admit we've played poor this season? I think it's you that's the mackem.
  13. Because our matches have been so entertaining of late? We've been utter shite for a good few seasons, I watch our games in the hope we can fluke a result and makes up for the 1% of posession.
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