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  1. 1st of June for the official announcement.
  2. It's more likely the Premier league lawyers are milking as much as they can plus getting the season finished so they all get their bonuses will be more of a priority.
  3. Yizll be rolling in the bales if wor Gaz signs baaaaaa.
  4. So basically, you don't know and no one knows, but no need to worry .
  5. written by "agency reporter"
  6. Is he still on Ashley's friend's list? 😂
  7. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    And if your Aunt had a dick she would be your Uncle!
  8. Dream on bitches. New member? Where you been? I'm labelled a mackem when people can't make a valid point against my wisdom.
  9. mackem messageboard gold

    Just because they have spent 2 seasons in league one doean't mean they aren't a big club. The reason is due to spectacular mismanagement. Long may it continue though. Karma!
  10. More piracy issue than human rights as they can't get paid their worth due to it.
  11. By allowing them to own our club, we are bringing them into public spotlight where they can be scrutinised! I've read so more debate on Saudis and human rights in the last few days than I have in the last few years aal awwa, so my conscience is clear!
  12. Give me a hot sperm gargle.

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