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  1. At the time it was true, we didn't have enough quality at the time. We do now (just about) and will get stronger each season Bruce is here as we are in safe hands with him.
  2. Why are you so gutless to admit we've played poor this season? I think it's you that's the mackem.
  3. Because our matches have been so entertaining of late? We've been utter shite for a good few seasons, I watch our games in the hope we can fluke a result and makes up for the 1% of posession.
  4. No idea, only saw Lincoln's goal which came from a corner. I've watched all our games this season apart from one which I didn't get the chance to and until the last few games Dub's kicking was terrible, either straight to the opposition or out for a throw in. It's more risky but at least means we keep posession for more than 1% of the game which is a nice change.
  5. I agree, taking the knee is getting a bit annoying now and looks silly.
  6. Imagine being a sad fart bookmarking it lmao 😆. Still think it should be allowed.
  7. "We finished 4th this season. 4th in the 3rd division. It's not good enough for a club of our size. That is a fact not an opinion. We have only played at this level for a handful of sessons in our 130 year history. We need to aim far higher than play offs. We should be looking champions with a 100 points. That's proper ambition." 😂😂😂
  8. You'd rather he kicks it out for a throw in or direct to the opposition?
  9. Their revenue has obviously dropped due to performances and covid. A few decent players at League one level which shouldn't be that hard and they'll be happy chumps. They are already drawing up a short list for a new manager including Roy Keane and Jimmy Hasslebank and will cope with just one keeper in the squad. 😄
  10. Willing to have a bet which team will play a European game next Daftpaddocklad?
  11. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 just bummed dogs.
  12. The Sunderland's new owners family's involvement in football clubs has resulted in a lot of European football. It's quite possible they will be in European football next before NUFC sadly.
  13. You fail to win maximum points available though which is the point boom boom.
  14. You don't lose points when you win.
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