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  1. Will that be based on a League one squad budget or a Championship budget?
  2. Part of the terms of selling as he wanted a part of the pie when things turn around.
  3. Bruce "Sometimes you have to let one out "
  4. Apart from the two eariler sitters he missed and all the other chances he's missed in the last few games.
  5. Sorry, couldn't resist, it was an open goal, although sadly Joelinton would unlikely score from. There are far too many excuses for Joelinton. I think he will come good, but will take a huge amount of patience, something most of our fans do not have! but if Shearer was still playing and had to play in midfield, or out wide, he would still be able to make a quality contribution.
  6. Did you learn that one in primary or secondary school? Seriously, have a word with yaself and grow up!
  7. You don't need a fukin phd to know you need to get in the box more to score goals!
  8. Between 5.10 and 5.20 mins is worth a watch or three.
  9. You need a hobby and to stop obsessing with me ya big turd!
  10. He's been rooted since he signed his recent pay rise.
  11. Yirareet borin twat yee like. That waz ages agan n yi still gannin on aboot it, burrit still reet though ya big wallop.
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