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  1. Innnnn 1, An electric can opener.
  2. Just spent just over 4 hours watching the Snyder cut of Justice League. Far better than the first version. The film is in that 4:3 setting, But you get used to it pretty quick.
  3. facundo ferreyra, We got him on loan from Shaktar Donetsk. Never even made the bench. Not because of a fitness problem. Went back to Ukraine and was quality then moved to Spain I think.
  4. Apart from those weaknesses he is a hell of a player.
  5. When you look up his house you get the same result.
  6. There are also rumours that Covid was made at Fort Detrick airbase in the U.S where they make their biological weapons. Then taken to China to be used.
  7. That Fiorentina top is nice, I think Ashley owns Kappa.
  8. The guy looks like he is from Duck Dynasty,
  9. A lot of politicians start using the same sentence all of the time when they feel under pressure, "The people think It's time to move on from this" Boris about his adviser, Tony Blair about Iraq, G.W Bush Iraq Bill Clinton about Monica Lewinski,
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