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  1. smoke and mirrors but Chelsea might not get away with it
  2. Stefan Borson on Chelsea's accounting practices here's a simpler explanation of Chelsea's accounting practices
  3. one final thing on Khaldoon, he can play a bit too. here he is scoring a hat trick ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QgeL71lmdSs this is why we always leave it to the last day of the season to win the league, otherwise he'd be subbing himself on
  4. i would add that i don't really care about where the money is coming from. the rules were brought in to screw us over so if we've found a way around them then tough titties. presumably we have long term deals in place and you'd expect existing deals to be okay.
  5. Of course Abu Dhabi linked businesses want to be associated with us. Our chairman Khaldoon has grown Mubadala massively since he's been running it. He is THE MAN, a true world stage player. This is my favourite of his interviews ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7rb1j_dRKQ .. but there are many. There is a flip side though. Etihad airways have been growing faster than Man City, so who's to say that we couldn't be asking for more? maybe its not fair on city
  6. if you take etihad out of the equation, our revenue is still greater than Man U. let that sink in a moment 🙂 etihad stadium naming rights is significant but at £15m a year it hardly explains the £712m. Etihad also sponsor our shirt and other stuff. . source guess the answer for city is to keep extending the existing naming rights deal.
  7. i think it's £712 million rather than 800. the question i would ask, is how does it fail ? all our annual reports going back 10 years are on the city website here https://www.mancity.com/club/annual-reports but you probably want to see page 33 of this pdf https://www.mancity.com/annualreport2023/wp-content/uploads/2023/11/manchester-city_financial-report_2022-23.pdf
  8. under psr rules spending was linked to revenue. now that city have broken revenue records they're linking spend to something we can't affect. same old cartel, always cheating.
  9. i think there's a point where wealth becomes irrelevant as there is only so much that you can spend on players. for example no one is going to spend 2.5 billion which i think is a 25 man squad of 100 million players. Except maybe Chelsea. Just as you are a magnitude richer than us, so we are a magnitude richer than Chelsea. Yet they routinely outbid us for players. Recruitment is simple for us. We have a price. It's either accepted or it isn't. If not we move on. Declan Rice wanted to hear what Arsenal were offering so we didn't raise our bid as he didn't want us enough. Its a recurring story. We are lucky as we raced to get over that drawbridge just as the cartel were pulling it up. Remains to be seen if we did it legally. On that point (according to the itk crowd) City know the outcome is favourable and are preparing their response. City are known to have been in contact with lawyers regarding libel in the media and again supposedly warnings have been sent to various entities. It's interesting that City continue to invest heavily. Building work on the stadium & hotel are well under way. Odd behavior for someone guilty.
  10. we've been saying this for over 10 years. it's only now that clubs other than city are being affected that people are saying its wrong.
  11. at this point i wish there was an independent regulator to say "no lads, this psr is barmy, and we the government aren't having it"
  12. not sure what rtg stands for so probably not. think i read it on twitter and/or bluemoon so not necessarily a strong source. he would be a good alongside Rodri and could replace him sometimes too. good energy and grit. my understanding is that he could play either 6 or 8 depending. Gundogan mark 2? not sure of his goals and assists output. i'll bother to look if there turns out to be any legs to it.
  13. and an instant ban for me no doubt. or maybe a suspension
  14. Paqueta has an ongoing investigation that put City off before, and possibly still will. City do like defending an investigation though.
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