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  1. maybe to Barca and we buy Frenkie De Jong and whilst i'm fantasizing they leave Bernado Silva alone
  2. as a city fan i'm really not comfortable with letting Sterling go. my feeling is that he'll stay and then go abroad for free next summer. thats mostly based on him saying in numerous interviews that he'd quite like to play abroad some day.
  3. the boy likes to party but its nothing new. as long as he keeps it to the close season i've no problems. i think he was quoted as saying something along the lines of enjoying life and play hard party hard etc. Pep himself likes to party when the time is right. have you seen those clips of him smoking cigars and singing wonderwall etc. must admit i preferred the quiet life of David Silva, Aguero, Zabaleta, etc.
  4. Hopefully Ekitike outscores Nunez
  5. fairly sure those other numbers have been hyped up in the same way his clause was up until it was triggered, but don't be surprised that city have got a player in cheap. Bernado Silva 43m, Kevin De Bruyne 54m, Zinchenko 1.7m, Gundogan 21m, Jesus 27m, Alvarez 15m some big fees but no bidding wars. we tend to walk away when the price goes up. Think Sanchez and Fred to man united.
  6. I suspect he followed both. but there are loads of pics out there of him as a little one in city shirts. His dad played for both. I wonder how long we'll see him out on the town with Grealish and Foden.
  7. City sign Haaland but watch the press try and make Nunez sound like the better deal. Haaland costs less, is genuinely a city fan, is younger (just) and has ridiculous stats. whereas Nunez is a nonce (probably)
  8. We City fans feel pretty much the same. Replacement for Fernandinho. Take some of the load of Rodri.Very risky for Kalvin Phillips in a world cup year as Rodri is probably the first name on our team sheet (after Ederson).
  9. Ake is, at best, okay. Took him ages to adapt to our way of playing. although to be fair most players seem to take a year to adapt to us. but he seems to have mistakes in him, plus, despite his leap, he's pretty short for a central defender. I'm in no rush to see any City player go but i wouldn't be sad either.
  10. When we signed him, he was a number 10 but Pep converted into an emergency left back. We like to push him infield sometimes to make the opposition think there are 2 Kevin De Bruyne's. Pep likes to play midfielders all over the pitch. Sometimes i wonder if Ederson's actually a midfielder.
  11. for me the dream was to go into any game knowing we have a decent chance of winning and i'm living it. Now that the season is done i can relax and press F5 on the transfer centre for three months
  12. Hmm bit early for that i think, give it a couple of years. I'm going to predict top 2 for us and, god i don't know, 6th for you guys. Let me finger in the air a bit more. behind us, the red dippers, the rent boys, spuds and the gunners. but hopefully above the rags.
  13. Is there a thread predicting when you'll reach the 40 point mark next season yet? It honestly takes a while to stop checking for that.
  14. ah the attendance thing. Most City fans know by now not to leave too early when there's something at stake. I did that myself in the 80s when we were playing chelsea in the full members cup final at wembley (yeah i have no idea what that is either). We were losing 4-1 and my mates all wanted to head off into london for beers. Walking away we heard a lot of cheering. turns out we lost 5-4. we had a full stadium week in week out in the 3rd tier back in 99. so our core is good. not sure about the new breed of plastics though. That year we had our now usual heart stopping final game. 2-0 down to Gillingham in the playoff final then 2 injury time goals to level it and eventually win on pens. That was the most important game ever for us i reckon. The rags stole our thunder with a late CL win the same year. so personally, i never leave early. too risky.
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