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  1. the less dumb man united fans will have stayed to the end to avoid the crowds ( as they did on sunday )
  2. i think he's hard done by. Serious shoulder injury early on and never really got a chance. Sometimes these things just don't work out which is a shame as i really like him. Most say he's too slow but he looks okay for england. We don't make many transfer market mistakes, i reckon we'll look for £40m, but accept £30m. If we can't agree a deal then maybe a loan? Suits us, suits you, suits him, suits England. Or a straight swap for Bruno?
  3. Oh just a quick one... Paraphrasing Prestwich_Blue on bluemoon from way back in May. It's not "115 charges". It's basically 5, but which cover a number of related rules over multiple years. Charge 1 is about failure to provide accounts that give a true and fair view of the club's financial position relating to revenue and operating costs. This covers 50 combinations of rules/years. Charge 2 covers failing to disclose player and manager remuneration. This covers 24 combinations of rules/years, 6 for manager remuneration and 18 for player remuneration. Charge 3 covers failure to comply with UEFA's FFP. This covers 5 combinations of rules/years. Charge 4 covers failure to comply with the PL's own Profit & Sustainability rules. This covers 6 combinations of rule/years. Charge 5 covers non-cooperation. This covers 30 combinations of rules/years. Charge 1 looks very much like Charge 2 plus sponsorship agreements. The PL will probably struggle to land the sponsorship stuff, as did UEFA. In relation to financial offences it's likely mostly down to charge 2. If we're found not to have breached any of the rules in headings 1 or 2 in any of the years, then both 3 and 4 may be irrelevant, and the charges will fail by default. The non-cooperation charges are probably the ones most likely to succeed, if any do. There is a bit of a fuss about Mancini's Al Jazira contract. But that ended in 2012, which was the first year of FFP, which we know we failed and ended up agreeing a settlement with UEFA. UEFA discussed payment of player image rights via Fordham as reported by Reuters with us in 2015, there was no case for disciplinary action. I expect we won't hear much until it's done although the losing side might possibly spin some PR down the line. City's case will be heard by a Premier League appointed Arsenal supporting KC with no recourse to the law courts. Funny how City were the only club pushing for an independent financial regulator. I know you guys probably don't care but these are the obstacles that you too face.
  4. Love singing that - Mind the gap, mind the gap, man united...
  5. because we're innocent. btw the 115 charges are really 5 different charges but repeated. something along the lines of "you broke that rule in january, then again in february, etc" plus....
  6. At the time it was said that Grealish gave us something different. His ball carrying from outside the box into the box stats were mental. Also he had an release clause and Txiki loves targeting players with a release clause (does Bruno have one? anything in the 80-100 mark would be nice)
  7. I thought we all hate Leeds? Been in London a long time but fairly sure Manchester doesn't much care about Leeds either way. Although my missus is from thereabouts and she supports Man United because she believes Leeds are racist, so supporting the team they hate made sense. Manchester's hatred is mostly reserved for Liverpool. Which makes sense as they deserve it.
  8. I'm okay with that. Shall we say £30m + add ons?
  9. I think the injuries had a big impact. I think he's fine in Manchester, it's only a few miles from Leeds after all. There are rumours that he doesn't impress Pep in training. To be fair to him he hasn't had a real run of games and lets face it, he's not shifting Rodri. I like him but I'd take £25m for him. A January loan might work all around. Both he and John Stones (who is awesome, hands off) have probably played more minutes for England than for City. Not their fault. Just weird.
  10. phillips seems to be getting linked to you guys in january. but at what price?
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