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    Papa Lazaru

    All the best, wee man. Intended.
  2. The WiFi on my 4s is cattled and has been ever since I stuck iOS 6 on it. Option is greyed out. Done loads to try and fix it but nowt works. Ganna get it swapped I think.
  3. Saw this a while back, this one being by far my favourite
  4. http://stickersonthecentralline.tumblr.com/
  5. Beats a stress ball! Kunis by the way.
  6. That's what happens when you don't pay for the 'services' of Annie & Clarabel. Bitches be steamin'
  7. Nah you didn't. You could always apply for tickets and travel independently. We did that for all of them. Part of the application was telling them your travel plans though. They did shaft people on one occasion though. For Breda, if you booked through the club you automatically got a match ticket included, regardless of your loyalty points. As we only got 1000 and Holland was/is hugely popular for euro jaunts, the club took nearly 600 of that, leaving people who'd booked their own trip to fight for around 400 tickets. Obviously you need a lot of points to get a ticket out of 400. Me and th
  8. Why not, like? When we played Zulte Waragem a few years ago, we decided to fuck off the flying and give the Eurostar a shot. Got an early train from here down to Kings X then across to Waterloo. Quick change in Brussels and we were in a bar Ghent by 2pm. Security was much less of a fuck on and you're unloaded in the centre so there's no airport runs. It's even easier now. Went to a festival in Paris last August, got the 7am down to London (it's direct, nee stops) in 2 and a half hours and then a 5 minute walk to the check in at St. Pancras. Another couple of hours and you're in Paris b
  9. Saw it earlier this week. Thought it was really good to be honest. Emma Stone is fucking ridiculous. I might go and see it again just for her.
  10. Thick as fuck and as has been said, can't take him seriously. Ever. A couple of years back before one of our games with the mackems, he did a preview on it for sky. He started by saying it wasn't a proper derby and then abruptly took it back in his review of the game. He probably hates us anyway, I remember once while he was at Villa, he was warming up next to the away end and he was getting dogs abuse about his 'issues' from our lot, to the point where he fucked off to the other side of the pitch to get away from it. I don't doubt the dopey prick gets flashbacks every time he hears Ne
  11. WubbleUC


    I don't have permission to view that, and I'm nosey.
  12. Aye, I remember that! Though the heat was taken off me somewhat a few weeks later, when one of the other lads revealed that he takes a Mach 3 approach to the area. Which is just fucking stupid. Just had the Christmas trim as it happens. I'm a fairly hairy person so I think it's only right that I keep it tidy! Number two aal awer. The only other place I shave is my face, though. Not with the same impliment either! Not into all this pit and chest shaving crap.
  13. We just got the Airtrain from JFK to a Subway stop in Jamaica, then the E train all the way to 42nd St., where you can go prettymuch anywhere from. It doesn't stop that much. It takes about 50 minutes like but from what we've heard it's really not that much longer than in a taxi, and it was a stress free journey to be honest. It's also a lot fucking cheaper.
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