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  1. The journey planner on www.wymetro.com is quite handy for stuff like this. As for taxis, Amber Cars (0113 231 1366) are quite handy, you won't get ripped off by them and I can't remember the last time I had to wait more than 5 minutes for a car.
  2. You Sir, have taste in music. Very, very good taste.
  3. The thing is theres so many flats built over the last few years in Leeds city centre theres a canny amount going empty. We went through gumtree rather than agencys and never had a spot of bother. To people who reckon itll be too expensive, its hardly any moreso than Headingley. Maybe 20p more on a pint, but it's more than worth it when you don't have to drink it surrounded by the trendy haircut wearing cocks that populate Headingley
  4. Lived on Park Row in town for 18 months, only £520 a month between two of us Living in Leeds city centre = bad for your liver tho
  5. Ryan Adam's new album, Easy Tiger. Bloody good as well The Bob Dylan of our generation tbh.
  6. Spot on, I hate the git. Even though I despise the cockneys, I wouldn't mind West Ham staying up, seems the team have always tried to play a good game.
  7. Wolverhampton is unbelievably shit, like Birmingham but the locals are even more retarded. Barnsley, also known as the arse-end of Yorkshire, is also a depressing night out.
  8. Elbow - August and September (The The), they also do a canny cover of Working Class Hero Maximo Park's version of Shiver they did for the R1 Live Lounge was alright as well.
  9. Agree with the comments on Idlewild, I thought Hope Is Important and 100 Broken Windows were fantastic but imo The Remote Part was bland and Warnings/Promises canny pish. Just downloaded BBC Sessions by Ocean Colour Scene from Itunes. Some of the stuff they've knocked out is just superb, some of their earliest stuff from the turn of the ninties is top class. Can't wait to see them in April
  10. Am I the only one who reckons the steward in this pic from bbc.co.uk's report looks like the guy from Phoenix Nights who had the tiger face paint perminately sprayed on?
  11. Biffy Clyro - Questions and Answers, the one song they did before they went all wank. BRMC - Ain't No Easy Way
  12. And also, anyone who's going to see the killers next week, turn up early and see BRMC, they seriously deserve to be bigger. As do The Twang.
  13. Clarity by John Mayer, the man has a fantastic voice. And btw, everyone should own Asleep In The Black by Elbow, 'kin brilliant it is.
  14. I feel for the guy's family, but tbf, anyone who has experience of the way Italians control their crowd won't be surprised.
  15. Is Elemental still open in Leeds? God, it was shit. Seconded. Too many bad memories of that dump, you'll be pleased to know it shut a couple of years back iirc.
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