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  1. Sir Bobby Robson passes away age 76

    im heartbroken r.i.p sir bob
  2. The Boxing thread

    just read that in the sun..what a loss.not one fight was boring.i think i saw most of them..37 years old ,what a shame.and what a loss to boxing.gonna be waiting a long time for some one like him again
  3. Setanta up shit creek

    well i was one of the thousands that got robed off them with that top up tv box....i paid for the year then cancelled tutv.and lost satanta....bastards
  4. Newcastle United 3-1 Boro, full time.

    on the 3 legends tonight shearer gave his biggest hint about being manager next season.he is obviously loving his first win
  5. Newcastle United 3-1 Boro, full time.

    game set and prem footie
  6. Newcastle United 3-1 Boro, full time.

    were staying up.i knew it all alomg.....yeee haaaa 3 fucking 1
  7. Newcastle United 3-1 Boro, full time.

    8 mins of nail munching
  8. New home kit

    that collar is going to to nowt for my fat neck
  9. BBC Predictor...

    well heres what i came up with
  10. half time talks look positive now
  11. The ship

    theres no way in hell im buying fizzy pop strips for me and my son..so theres 90 quid not going to ashley.....there will be no motd on saturday night ...so ill just have to shag the wife....the goose wont be getting my 5 pints of smiths....and the kebab shop should just call it a day now....happy days ahead
  12. Hull City 1-1 Newcastle United

    so we are fucked
  13. Hull City 1-1 Newcastle United

    if hull find that early season form..we are fucked.
  14. Could Spurs go down?

    Redknapp has added a extra hatred for the spuds...love to see that team in the fizzy pop
  15. Kinnear needs heart bypass operation

    that is a shocking statement from the kid.

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