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  1. just read that in the sun..what a loss.not one fight was boring.i think i saw most of them..37 years old ,what a shame.and what a loss to boxing.gonna be waiting a long time for some one like him again
  2. well i was one of the thousands that got robed off them with that top up tv box....i paid for the year then cancelled tutv.and lost satanta....bastards
  3. on the 3 legends tonight shearer gave his biggest hint about being manager next season.he is obviously loving his first win
  4. were staying up.i knew it all alomg.....yeee haaaa 3 fucking 1
  5. that collar is going to to nowt for my fat neck
  6. well heres what i came up with
  7. hagler

    The ship

    theres no way in hell im buying fizzy pop strips for me and my son..so theres 90 quid not going to ashley.....there will be no motd on saturday night ...so ill just have to shag the wife....the goose wont be getting my 5 pints of smiths....and the kebab shop should just call it a day now....happy days ahead
  8. if hull find that early season form..we are fucked.
  9. Redknapp has added a extra hatred for the spuds...love to see that team in the fizzy pop
  10. that is a shocking statement from the kid.
  11. regardless of anything to do with football .. i hope the bloke gets well and nothing bad happens to him.
  12. god help our spouses tonight if we loose this one..it would be the start of a real struggle. cant start loosing sight of the likes of sunderland and bolton.
  13. most of our players would have broke a metatarsal on that speed bump...but not shay.
  14. loved too see any other club make headlines for such childlike spats..i wish everyone at the club would shut the fuck up.
  15. hope he dident drive to manchester the haydon bridge way...keagan just got banned for doing 36 in a 30 zone...he said his head was in turmoil from leaving newcastle
  16. ive always wondered why more players dont speak out more about there former clubs...at least the ones who retire..it would give fans a real insight to how clubs are run..i agree shay could have told alot more...so he's been quite conservative realy.
  17. nice to work one day in the month... and so hard.
  18. hendrix was played on the record player but it was little wing....or use the fucking wings instead of hoofing the ball up.
  19. before i gave up my season ticket three years ago...it was 4 pints before the match...six pints after...and a kebab with garlic AND chile sauce for the way to the taxi rank....and yes i love salad on my kebabs.
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