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  1. I don't rate Torres at all, but will be interesting to see how he copes in the Prem.
  2. Curb Your Enthusiasm - "The Weatherman"
  3. Did he have false teeth?
  4. Coca-Cola (Normal and Cherry), Irn-Bru, various Smoothies, Blackcurrant Ribena.
  5. What time do you get up like? I't'll be light in just over 3 hours.
  6. 1. Off to Durham tomorrow evening to watch the 2020 match 2. Played outfield for my 5-a-side team for the first time in ages last night and was shite 3. Really need to improve my fitness 4. Developing a bit of a gut for the first time in my life 5. Will have to put the effort in during pre-season training.
  7. I've joined the increasing list of people who've been Magma'd.
  8. home Alone yeah and still am. been tidying my room since no-one is in the house why ? isnt ya Mam always nagging you to do that, then when she's not there to nag ya doing it anyways she does, but I just don't tend to bother tidying it. ya gona be ya Mams little treasure when she comes home then aye, she was just on the phone, she's round @ my aunties which is round the corner, and she shouldn't b long. Lies She's blatantly off to Paraguay.
  9. Any good? mogwai - happy songs for happy people Haven't really listened to it fully yet, 'Pioneer to the Falls' and 'Mammoth' are both excellent though.
  10. It's far easier for me to get to sleep when it's cold anyway so I don't mind nights like this.
  11. Have you put your other sock on yet? I'm on tenterhooks here man.
  12. You're single right. Single student, who isn't tired, and probably won't be tired enough to go to sleep til about that time. Will probably end going to kip earlier than that. ...and there's nowt on telly.
  13. Will be playing Pro Evo online til about 3 probably.
  14. 1. There's a massive fuck-off moth outside my bedroom 2. Nearly shat mesel when I first went out and it flew right in me face 3. Off to Nottingham tomorrow 4. Looks it's going to be raining down there mainly 5. at least it's going to be warm though.
  15. No decent ones on Google Images?
  16. so I'm not the only one who uses Mozilla Firefox Loads of people do.
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