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  1. 1.Catering assistant at North Tyneside General Hospital. 2.Tesco Nightshift 3.Billing Department at Orange 4.Telesales at BT-Selling broadband. 5.Debt Recovery and management- Sitel.
  2. Well I don't drink. And I don't think any jobs better than another job really. It's whats going to make you happy at the end of the day. As long as I've got a steady income coming in to support me and my lass who is in her third year of uni, than thats fine. I'm currently unhappy in the line of work I'm in, and I've always wanted to be a postie. Like a grown up version of a paperboy I guess. I like working outdoors, It will be good exercise, and the moneys not bad at all.
  3. Not quite, well not me anyway. I'm the gadgie that rings you up beforehand, threatening you
  4. Debt recovery at the moment An extra five grand would take up to 23k. The other job is a postman Always wanted to be one, and its around 18k a year
  5. Quite high to be honest. It's not the best job for most people, but one of the most perfect jobs for myself. I've waited only 6 months for a vacancy to come about, but 6 months in a shit job can feel much longer.
  6. Got two job offers in the last two weeks. I'm currently working, but hating my current job. The first offer- A job doing pretty much what I'm doing now, but a 5 grand pay rise on top of what I've got. Second offer- Same money I'm on now, but its a job i've always wanted to do. What do I do? Hearts telling me no2, but my wallets telling me no1...
  7. Aye? Nice one. Come say hello! I really like Backpage. Miminal radgies, relaxed coach journey, and very organised.
  8. If any lads wanna meet up, don't be shy! You can't miss nonsmog with his unique tree-like frame and three hapless dwarves(in comparison) around him (me, paul and AndrewFlintoff). We're prepared for a 7am departure with backpage. We're offering: Two stops for food, purchasing a 7.99 sandwich from Costa Coffee. Pre-match optimism (always a 3-0 away win from smog or myself) Post-match elation/depression. Can't beat it.
  9. Typical post from you tbh. Boring now. Don't give a fuck to be honest! I'm sure I mention it no more than you talk about Frank Lampard or Chelsea! Just think it's a shame to give such low blows, thought we were meant to be more civilised than him! Bet you don't find many posts where I actually bring them up before someone else has made the obvious dig. Still, I actually post on this forum. You only post when you see the opportunity to belittle someone else, and in the process act like a miserable old bastard. You're a kid FFS. Get a life. Have some fun. You CAN hav
  10. I'm not. Peace for the Liverpool 1 I feel a campaign coming on. Don't be a Victim son!!
  11. He wants five pages, I say, rip on him for four, then delete the thread. FIVE PAGES IN ISTANBUL
  12. Aye, they would be getting a fucking good deal annal
  13. Flats round my way start at £250k, so go fuck yourself He would probably get the same kind of flat tbh. With his housing benefits for his 15 kids.
  14. You get coughs like that from eating out of bins like. Plus, we can afford the subscription costs for Sky, paid for by our working wage.
  15. Nobby, where did you get that pciture of MY arm from?
  16. If the ref's did the job properly, players wouldn't swear at them. Both wrong decisions, both times, the referee/linesman, deserves an earful.
  17. I think you might have taken what I said the wrong way, or maybe I've phrased it wrong. In my opinion, he's been brilliant for us, compared to what we were all expecting. He's not just a big lump who knocks in a few headers, he links up play really well, he chases every ball and he has scored some really well-worked goals. Obviously, he would of not been my ideal striker target. But if all our free signings from now on, are as good, or very close to Sibbers, I'll be a very happy man. Would of loved him here, when he was mid-twenties.
  18. I think he's been brilliant to be honest. Never had a really poor game. Works hard, has a excellent attitude, and the bastard could (and probably will) score into double figures for the toon. Something, even some of our most talented former players very rarely could do, Bellamy for example.
  19. I've got eight. All random aswell. Got nufc on me forearm though, just cover them all up for work etc.
  20. From panic attacks to posh wanks. A regular Oscar Wilde, me.
  21. Been chatting to my mates, and I'm the only one to remember this term, and what it meant. Howay then, who else knows this childish terminology?
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