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  1. I really liked it, bought the DVD off HMV online for 4 quid in the sales
  2. It's such a brilliant programme. Got all the DVD boxsets 1-9. Series 1-2 are The Simpsons pretty much finding their feet, series 3-9 are just awesome. Still think from series 10 up until 15, are still great T.V. The last few series have dipped, but I still find them funny.
  3. Christ. I thought it was a unanimous decision how mint the simpsons were. I'll leave you freaks to it tbh
  4. I said, downfall aside. Well it's hard to consider the show as a whole without it I much prefer South Park now. Na, 18 years or whatever, it's just been immense. I still laugh at the new ones, and I find the programme as a whole, very re-watchable . Got them all on DVD, and they serve me well on rainy days.
  5. Arguments about its downfall aside. Is this the best programme EVER? Yes, yes it is.
  6. Aye mate, It was originally with Naill Quinn as Roy Keane though. Some mackems at work have all banded together and got this printed out on their monitors
  7. Put Roy Keane in my heart keep me Mackem Put Roy Keane in my heart I pray With Roy Keane in my heart, It's my mackem watermark, Keep me Mackem till' my dying day. I've got Sund'land hands, I've got Sun'lan hearts I've got Sun'lan fingers and... I will fight fight fight for the red and white, and I'll follow the Sunder-land
  8. It's like Gervais' Animals DVD, when he says 'Elephants were caught swimming'. Caught! Like its illegal!
  9. No way. Bellamy is a welsh gobshite, although a talented one. But the bad outweigh the good. Martins is 22, scored 14 goals for Newcastle this season (10 in the prem). He's faster than Bellamy, has a more powerful shot than Bellamy and has a better attitude than Bellamy. The only thing Bellamy has over Martins is more premiership experience.
  10. How long is it since we gave anyone a real thrashing? Pompy 3-0? West Brom 3-0 twice last year... Not many like.
  11. Staffies? No. Now I know you're on the pills Dave. An intelligent man like you, not liking The Office? Shitting christ Speaking of intelligence, the quote function isn't that difficult to use... I've never used, and will probably never use the quote function on Toontastic properly.
  12. Staffies? No. Now I know you're on the pills Dave. An intelligent man like you, not liking The Office? Shitting christ
  13. We have to get drawn Sevilla or Bremen first though. And anything can happen in the final.
  14. Yep. I'm really excited. Our European away form has been brilliant. If we can take the tie back to St James for the remaining games, I'd be very happy. If we get in the last eight, I can us doing it to be honest. The next round will be the time to go out for me, I'd be dissapointed, but obviously not as bad as if we had progressed then got knocked out. If we can get past Alkmaar or Fene, I'm very optimistic. Not looking forward in taking our team down to WHL or Ewood though. I know we've beaten them on thier patches this season, but our team is best suited playing the other european te
  15. Key- Beatable- ------- Not too sure Panathinaikos Spurs Lens Parma Braga Celta Vigo Spartak Sevilla Steaua Osasuna Bordeaux Nancy Shakhtar Dinamo Bucuresti Benfica AEK PSG CSKA Moskva M. Haifa Bremen- Fenerbahce AZ Livorno Espanyol H Tel Aviv Rangers Blackburn Leverkusen
  16. Nice one, looks like a canny place.
  17. The funny thing is, that's how he's NOT like. He's always playing a role, it's just that spackers can't realise it, and take it at face value. It's when he's talking to a chat show host, and they go, 'so you have a bafta' and he goes 'two, just to clear that up' THATS A JOKE, THATS WHAT HE DOES. FFS
  18. Well I don't drink. And I don't think any jobs better than another job really. It's whats going to make you happy at the end of the day. As long as I've got a steady income coming in to support me and my lass who is in her third year of uni, than thats fine. I'm currently unhappy in the line of work I'm in, and I've always wanted to be a postie. Like a grown up version of a paperboy I guess. I like working outdoors, It will be good exercise, and the moneys not bad at all. You should be considering long term prospects though, mate. The money mightn't look so good 10 years from now if al
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