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  1. So he'll be a waste of space here then?
  2. I see a liitle chink in your armour big boy.
  3. Wish someone would bury Stephen Carr.
  4. Get a Cuprinol sprayer!Easy peasy!
  5. The green with blue pinstripe that we wore once,at Hillsboro was awful.Designed by Stevie Wonder imo.
  6. I'll go if she meets a grisly end,the evil witch.
  7. I thought they might call it "Never say Never Again"
  8. He should be a Toon defender with a name like that tbh.
  9. There aint a worse night out than Coventry.
  10. What about the Cameroon bloke who them mackem twatts probably think is Irish,Patrick M'Boma.Mind you,i suppose both his names have Irish connections.
  11. Wonder if he'll still work in his Dads bike shop
  12. who says that? I believe Anne Boleyn said it.Am I right sir?
  13. Best English centre half for years.But for injuries he'd have getting on for 100 caps already.
  14. Paul Scoles-gingernut Nobby Solano
  15. If we did that regularly a la the Keegan years,i think we'd all be happy. We NEVER did that in the Keegan years tbh. Myth. The style of Keegans teams was attack is the best form of defence,gung-ho football.Ok we didnt win 5-4 every week,but even the defenders Kev bought had flair,imagination and plenty of attacking qualities,apart from Peacock.We attacked from the back,thats why we were labelled the Entertainers. ...and didn't conceed many goals. Exactly,they couldn't score if we were always in their area could they?But we were susceptible to lapses at the back occasionally,and lack of top quality keeper to bale them out cost us at times.