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  1. So she cheats on you and so you get to see your kids less? Fuck that!
  2. Does her top say "cock sucking carly"?
  3. Look's like Mike Ashley...
  4. Her BF must be rather rich or rather nice as he certinatly ain't no looker.
  5. Would of been bigger than both imo, bloody love chloe dancer/crown of thorns. Started off the whole grunge thing along with Mudhoney.
  6. Killed himself a lot more slowly and painfully though. Aye, after his lass OD'd I think he just stopped giving a fuck all together.
  7. Also 7 years since the death of this man; Far better band mind (AIC I mean).
  8. Ha ha look at the state of you. Nice tattoo....chav. Wait, tattoo's = chav? So he's a chav?
  9. Trying to punch a guy 3 times for calling you a cock sucker is fucking stupid tbf.
  10. and ? You'd soon get bored lad, specially if she was shit in the sack.
  11. Pair of tits on her and nothing else tbf...
  12. Good point, couldn't imagine SJP having less than 52k fans week in week out if we had won the CC the season before and had spent that much over the summer.
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