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  1. Saints + Soldiers : decent enough War flick, worth a watch Casino Royale : thought this was a good Bond film, first time Ive seen it and can't wait to see the next. War : not bad, not good, guessed the twist about 20 minutes in. The Day After Tomorrow : canny enough, wouldnt have been much without the special effects. Thats the last 4 nights, I'm on a DVD catch up of films I've bought but not seen. Next: The Road To Perdition
  2. DMurray

    XP not loading up

    Thats exactly what happened to me after installing Microsoft updates, it was my wireless adapter causing the problem. Quit uninstall and re-install and everything was hunky dorey. The thought of losing all that porn, ouch.
  3. http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fusea...iendID=28396567 Fill ya boots my son.
  4. My mam works with Shay Given's cousin. That's less than six As i've mentioned a few times before my Grandad became good mates with Jackie Milburn towards the end of his life after he fixed his TV. I once worked with a lad who claimed to be Shays cousin as well, wonder if it's the same person.
  5. 30 days of night, must admit, they borrowed too much from Blade, but didn't make as good a job.
  6. Hancock - A fun film. Shite Ending. Sweeney Todd - I never knew It was a musical but the music was quite fun I suppose, the slapstick gore made me laugh and Depp although he didn't really do anything special remained decent. I haven't watched Slevin yet - but I did watch the final of Life On Mars series two which was most excellent. Damn right, I saw most of Life On Mars but not that last episode then got both series on DVD, it was worth watching it all again just for that. Ive got Rise Of The Footsoldier and 30 Days Of Night (which I've been told is shit) to watch as of toda
  7. Currently enjoying my first of 2 Brown Ales I bought as take outs from the pub, nice.
  8. I'd appreciate a PM if anyone gets a decent stream as well, I'm stuck at work but I've got a laptop under the bar
  9. Point in hiding the results? Oh I thought the topic would be discussing the results. Silly me.
  10. I don't think The Dark Knight should be at 15, The Good The Bad And The Ugly is infinately better than it for a start and thats 25.
  11. Someone who really wants to be able to crack one off at their desk i would imagine I couldn't imagine being able to crack one off to that to be honest. Although the Koala at the start got me goin.
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