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  1. Yep, in the away end...as we generally tend to stand anyway I was thinking it shouldn't be a problem, but wondered how others had found buying tickets for away games with "multiple" members this season? I seem to remember I got two tickets for us sitting together for QPR away alright, so I don't know why they haven't done the same in this instance.
  2. Got my tickets for this today for me and girlfriend, ordered both at the same time etc...yet to my dismay I got two separate tickets seated a good 12 or so rows apart!!! Has anyone else experienced this? Is it worth getting on to the ticket office tomorrow to sort out?
  3. No. That was a sky cock up What was the cock-up? They moved the game and then couldn't be arsed to televise it?
  4. I thought this game was being televised on Sky?
  5. I'll snap your hand off for 90 points right now, that should see us up automatically!
  6. One of the games we were fortunate to win was Cardiff away! Yes they didn't create many clear opportunities, but they could have easily had a penalty and our only really effort on goal was Coloccini's goal itself. Yesterday was hugely frustrating, especially as I'd hoped for at least 4 points from back-to-back home games, but we have generally looked more comfortable on the road when teams have been more open....here's to smashing Notts Forest live on Sky on the 17th!
  7. Very early on, but probably our best player so far this season or certainly one of them! Whilst I was hoping for progress on signings today, to hear both Taylor and Enrique re-iterate their commitment to the cause is refreshing....though I'm not naive enough to think there's no chance they won't be playing elsewhere come 5pm Tuesday
  8. I've seen no announcement on nufc.co.uk that they've been sold out, should be able to book them online still!
  9. We had the same points at this stage last season....this league will be everything but a piece of piss!
  10. Dyer vs Everton where it was also three touches from the halfway line for his goal
  11. I'm quite amazed at how close to the top of the fouls chart Jonas is considering he was missing for a fair few games at the beginning of the season too.
  12. We'll get more injuries before the end of the season...that's just the Newcastle United way
  13. at blackburn he has more players that suit his style of tactics/relegation scraps. we were clearly on a downward spiral with him, that being said, 8 months in a job is nothing in my opinion, considering he was clearing up mess from previous regimes.
  14. so the bottom seven teams will all lose their remaining games and finish on their current points? i'll take that
  15. viduka has what? done his hamstring? how exactly you do your hamstring moving at his rate of knots is beyond me.
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