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  1. Newcastle United A Premiership Story

    Put me in a cracking mood for the day.... good work tho jonny!
  2. Mackems BANNED from Amsterdam

    I didn't know the borough of North Tyneside had a professional football team... The airports in the city bondaries of Newcastle upon Tyne, you third world mackem cunt. aha you fell for the bait, to be precise the airport is actually in not in the boundary of Newcastle Upon Tyne, but Northumberland. Mong. Our survey says NUR NURRRRRRR A Newcastle Airport‎ Woolsington, Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear, NE13 8BZ‎ - 0871 882 1121‎ That doesn't support the fact that you've deluded yourself and several others, thinking we've been banned from the competition when none of the real quotes in the article even suggest. Who cares you're a mickey mouse club, you said the airport was in North Tyneside you were proved wrong so you said Northumberland, again proved wrong, so you ignore the subject all together. I'm not a bigot, but I genuinely mean it when I say mackems are the lowest people in life you can get in this country, you are downtrodden, bitter, jealous people who's only glimpse of the limelight occurs when you're mentioned in the same breath as us. This is great for Sunderland actually having something as a place, a city, an area, having something which for one season is better than your more illustrious, championed, more famous neighbours, namely Premiership status. The daft thing is though even though we're in a lower league, we're still going to get double the focus you receive shown already by our 7 live TV appearances to you 2 by the end of October. Mackems aghahaha - no one cares, no one will ever care, and that's why it hurts so much.
  3. Owen backing Shearer to be manager

    Been there for 4 years and doesnt even know how many the ground holds..... horrible little git.... hope he getting fooked 1st game of the season

    this has to go in the gold section....what a tool!!!!
  5. Premiership Goals

    Robert FK aganst derby. away. the one he hit from a daft angle.
  6. True price of buying NUFC

    So were is the away fans going now? all 10 off them that will bother to come?
  7. New away shirt.....

    We have hit a new low..... fucking spat me drink out at graft when a saw this heap of shit..
  8. Nice easy start

    The Coca-Cola Football League Championship Table 08 June 2009 20:55 P GD PTS 1 Barnsley 0 0 0 2 Blackpool 0 0 0 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3 Bristol City 0 0 0 4 Cardiff 0 0 0 5 Coventry 0 0 0 6 Crystal Palace 0 0 0 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7 Derby 0 0 0 8 Doncaster 0 0 0 9 Ipswich 0 0 0 10 Leicester 0 0 0 11 Middlesbrough 0 0 0 12 Newcastle 0 0 0 13 Nottm Forest 0 0 0 14 Peterborough 0 0 0 15 Plymouth 0 0 0 16 Preston 0 0 0 17 QPR 0 0 0 18 Reading 0 0 0 19 Scunthorpe 0 0 0 20 Sheff Utd 0 0 0 21 Sheff Wed 0 0 0 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 22 Swansea 0 0 0 23 Watford 0 0 0 24 West Brom 0 0 0 I’d take that position now.... steady the ship so to speak this season then hopefully a big push season after.
  9. ALAN CURBISHLEY being lined up to become Newcastle boss?

    Not a bad manager. id take him at the moment could do a good job for us in the season ahead.
  10. Group Declares Interest in Takeover

    No doubt just another made up story from the press. But here’s hoping the fat c**t is out shortly
  11. Realistic Finishing Position Next Season

    Mid-table will do for me. Can’t even see us pushing for the playoffs never mind automatic promotion. Hopefully a steady season which will give us a little time to sort all this shit out. And make a big push the season after.
  12. Spider Bill man is back

  13. A Tribute To Kevin

    Great post!!! sat and read it a good few times now.
  14. most overrated player in football today?

    Ashley cole

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