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  1. Lets stop all the fussing and the feuding and just agree that Steven Ireland has an extremely homosexual car si?
  2. Wank to the image of Barack Obama... Or have toast.
  3. You young cunt, I imagined you as in your 30s. Andy Cole Andy Cole Aaaaaaaaaaandy Andy COLE when he gets the ball he's scores a goal AAAAAAAAAAAAAANDY ANDY COLE. As much as I didn't want to admit it, when NJS said Cole was a true hero, he was more than Shearer, when we signed Shearer we were class, we knew we were, Andy Cole had a big part in taking us there, I hate him though, imagine your lass sucking Kieran Richardson off thats how I feel about Andy Cole. I used to sing that as a young un all the time. Chant that got me into football.
  4. I'll admit I dont remember it but I was four to be fair. Shame how we've declined from then on
  5. Black people white people we all end up dead anyway.
  6. Ooo I'm soooo exited... It's been a while since I've had my hopes dashed in such a large way! Cant wait.
  7. FFS Duff just because your getting games you blonde haired galoot.
  8. I'm a bit scared because this kind of sounds like a withered response to Steve Bruce perhaps wanting this job when we get taken over and he would be a strong candidate in the eyes of the future employers because of his experience with battling relegation teams and him (apparently) coming from here.
  9. Why would they pay 12 mill for fucking Taylor when I heard they had to sell to buy. Ridiculous!
  10. Nope. (To GL) Mickey O... Love 'im shame he can't stay but he needs to be playing at top levels.
  11. I'm not as optimistic as some of you. But as the great philosopher Tom once said... "A win would be brilliant." Never a truer word spoke.
  12. He's a Geordie? He never mentions it.
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