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  1. Jimmy Savile

    And now another high profile 71yr old man has had to step down in the north west. When will it all stop? You'll never win anything with kids apparently
  2. Thatcher Dead

    In their defence, £8.7m of that is going on a reinforced dancefloor for her grave.
  3. Film/moving picture show you most recently watched

    Was hoping for more info on this film. Which one was it? 1. The direct to video sequel to face/off, with Mario van peebles swapping junk with Damon wayans to infiltrate a pedophile ring, with hilarious consequences Or 2. The true life tearjerker about the struggles of a south African athlete, starring martin Lawrence as caster semenya and the voice of Chris Tucker as her hugely annoying cock and balls. Both look mint tbh
  4. Limerick of the Day competition

    Far too bored driving home from Manchester There once was a fucker so dreary So obsessed with conspiricy theory "Rockets won't work in heaven" "The yanks faked 9/11" That he made all the normal folk weary. They tried to convince him with sense Tried to tell him to not take offence "You keep wearing your blinkers, you closed minded thinkers" The wittering cunt was too dense They tried to convince him with science Diagrams of a nuclear appliance "You fools don't know your jobs, you were told stuff by nobs. He continued his robust defiance They concocted a remedy drastic With the aid of Cath's knicker elastic And some plans from Ant's pocket They constructed a rocket To get rid of the tedious spastic As the hour of departure drew near Wolfy began to tremble with fear "The rocket will smash, I'll be fucked like a gash! (sorry ) Nothing can leave this old earth's atmosphere" The moment of fate came with a bang The rocket was launched with a TWANG As we lost sight if it He was still spouting shit But we were rid of the ignorant wang As the missile approached outer space Wolfy's little heart started to race "I'm facing my doom, nowt moves in a vacuum I'll just freeze up here in one place" He frantically clawed at the walls Tried making some SOS calls "I'm done for, I'm for it! Nothing can leave our orbit (See his knowledge of physics is balls) He entered the darkness. Indeed For oxygen he had a need But he was speared up the ring By a sattelite's wing And he plummetted eathwards at speed As the re-entry friction, Wolf heated He realised he'd been defeated He struck Newcastle hard like an aster-retard And the worlds true free-thinker was beated The End........or is it
  5. US Open Final

    2 sets up. Currently scoring an 86% on the "he's British-ometer"
  6. Terry Nutkins

    Shuffled off to rejoin his fingers. Rest in peace, the otters can't hurt you anymore : (
  7. Pussy Riot verdict

    Russia is officially still a secular state, so inside/outside of church should have no bearing. The fact that Putin and the Russian Othodox church are seemingly in alliance is exactly what the protest was about. Therefore it kinda doesn't work outside the church. Whilst I'm not a massive fan of the girls musically, to be imprisoned for 2 years for insulting someones imaginary friend in the 21st century is baffling.
  8. Pussy Riot verdict

    2 years in a penal colony. Justice has been done : /
  9. Official Olympics 2012 Thread

    Been a blinder all round tbh. A nice 2 week holiday from my usual British cynicism.
  10. Official Olympics 2012 Thread

    Not required but apparently it does help get that perfect ripped entry
  11. Official Olympics 2012 Thread

    That's a good bronze for Daley. He couldn't do much more with the dives he has.
  12. Official Olympics 2012 Thread

    Nailed his. Now just the American and the Chinese fella to get splashing
  13. Official Olympics 2012 Thread

    Daley in 1st (just) with 1 dive to go. Fair play to the lad didn't see him getting that close
  14. End of Season Resolutions

    First rule of pasty dealing ct. Never get pie off your own supply.
  15. Discrimination - competition only open to females

    Looking forward to the film version of brocks "pirates of men's pants" in 3d

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