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  1. Newcastle United v Chelsea 26/9/15 17:30 KO

    Comfortable away win, 0-2, another sending off for someone too. Maybe in the good ten minutes we'll have, we might manage the odd shot on target.
  2. Number Nine

    He'll put Raylor in at CB, if Dummett isn't fit. No chance of him playing Ferreyra, more than likely put Gouffran in there.

    Never thought we were in with a chance of relegation until today. Owner, manager and now the players don't look like they give a Fuck.
  4. What are you drinking?

    Was at Bushmills Distillery today, picked up a bottle of their 12 year old Reserve. Not a great lover of Bushmills but I'll give it a go.
  5. Are you going to the game on Sunday?

    What constitutes a success for the protest? 5000 staying away? More?
  6. The away game against The Great Unwashed

    Predictable so far, being bullied all over the park by both them and Dean, who is putting in his usual look at me performance.
  7. Ashley and Transfers

    Given the squad is so understrength and the number out of contract in the summer, he has no choice but to spend. Going to need 6-7 new signings, but I doubt they'll get that many in.
  8. Premier League is overated, take out the top 5 or 6 and the rest are just happy to be in it.
  9. Everton v Newcastle United

    Any odds on us not winning the rest of the season?
  10. Everton v Newcastle United

    Krul with yet another shocker? No surprise there.
  11. Newcastle Utd V Manchester Utd

    Well done Timmy.
  12. Newcastle Utd V Manchester Utd

    Comfortable away win, 0-3.
  13. NUFC vs Villa

    We hardly deserve this lead, fuckin awful.
  14. NUFC vs Villa

    And Carroll...
  15. NUFC vs Villa

    We truly are shit. Given our injury list of Dummett, Saylor, De Jong, Tiote, Cabella and Colback suspended, (prob all start if fit) we go into this game on a level with them and probably most of the bottom 10 teams.

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