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  1. Why did nearly 52000, me included, turn up yesterday to watch that garbage. After the game. the media said that Lascelles didn't play because he had a clash of tactics with Rafa. So Rafa, to justify his position, dropped him. It turned out that Lascelles was objecting to playing 3 centre halves in the middle with Schar a left sided player told he would play on the right. Shelvey 'injured' at the last minute yet he turned up with his wife and 2 kids. Was Rondon the only CF could have signed. A striker who hardly scored 10 goals last season. If Rafa is such a great Manager who can do no wrong with the fans, not able to work his magic with Mitrovic, who can't stop scoring.
  2. Was Rafa watching the same game as the fans. Kenedy did not make ONE accurate pass to one of his team mates in the whole of the first half, yet Rafa lets him take the penalty. That was the worst I have seen them play for a long, long time. You get the impression that Rafa is making Ashley pay for not giving him more money in the close season.
  3. Why doesn't Shelvey give a s**t where we finish. Because no matter what happens he will still be on £80 grand a week in the Championship. Maybe he is the major cause of the dressing room unrest. Nice one Ashley.
  4. Is Gary Neville worth a shot? After Valencia he will be desperate to try and relaunch his Managerial career.
  5. You are certainly well up on English law.
  6. Breaking news on SSN - McClaren will be sacked and Rafa will take over as MANAGER not Head Coach on a 3 year contract. Major clear out of backroom staff.
  7. Should Sunderland be deducted points this season for games where Johnson's goals/contribution had a direct effect on their results? Should Johnson be told to return all monies he has been paid this season and the money given to charities?
  8. Out for a month after sustaining an injury during a warm down.
  9. People keep saying Mitrovic is only young or he has lost his confidence. Will they still say that when we go down?
  10. If we do go down who will the fans blame. The owner, the Chief Scout, the Manager or the players and if it is the players, anyone in particular.
  11. The ones where we didn't sign Messi, Suarez, Neymar, Bale or Ronaldo.
  12. Shelvey is very similar to Tiote/Colback. Not in his playing ability thank God, but his ability to attract yellow cards.
  13. I thought this thread was about Debuchy.
  14. Pardew is now telling Ronald Koeman that he will have problems selling Mano.
  15. Sign him then move Janmaat to defensive midfield.
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