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  1. Yeah but you can't disregard Bayern either. They are on pole position at the moment and I rather be in their shoes than Real Madrid.
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZPO_jd2WwgU GARY NEVILLE.
  3. Felt sorry for Messi. The pressure got to him, he will be back though. Moments like these make you stronger.
  4. He's free too. Can't see why we wouldn't be in for him.
  5. Tim Krul, Cabaye, Ba, all deserve to be on the bench if there were one for that team.
  6. no its not, its cheating when taken too far and should be punished as time wasting no, no it isnt yes it would but (this might be tough to fathom) there is a pretty big gap between stoke and barcelona in terms of style that can be filled with all sorts of football It's exactly the same as a player taking it into the corner. It's gamesmanship, part and parcel of the game. Just like diving, sometimes you need to go over to signal you have been fouled or you won't get the free-kick.
  7. I don't understand why people complain about 'anti-football'. It's just as interesting to watch. People complaining about Krul or Al-Habsi taking time out of the game, it's just part of the game. Same as Stoke with their long balls, it's good to watch. If everyone played like Swansea/Barcelona, it would be so painful. Funny how Arsenal fans are the ones usually complaining.
  8. Off glory glory: So we have a situation where we may well finish outside the top 4. So this is what we are left with: 1) Harry gone to England. 2) Modric (having already expressed his desire to leave), re-iterating this once more 3) Bale attracting vultures to pick at the rotting Spurs caucass. 4) Ledley King (31), verge of retiring 5) Brad Friedel (40) 6) Carlo Cudicini (36) 7) Gallas (34), Nelsen (34), Parker (31) 8 ) Adebayor the only semi decent striker at the club returning to his parent club So. -We have to attract a new manager. -Quite possibly need to buy at leas
  9. Just turned 22 according to Wiki. Still young, still time for him to be a handy squad member. Unlike Amdy Faye You say that but most of Liverpool's buys are young too yet people think it is perfectly fine to write them off. They may become world beaters. I wouldn't put it past Andy Carroll.
  10. I don't see how that has any relevance. If I have a different opinion to you, it makes me a 'spacker'? I thought a forum was for discussing opinions. I think it is you who should be the one growing out of bad habits, not myself. The relevance is you were spouting complete bollocks then and for some reason I had thought you had grown out of it. Still think you shouldn't resort to petulant name calling for no apparent reason. It is fine you disagree with my opinion. In reference to everyone else: How much was Cisse? £9m That is the sort of money we should be s
  11. I don't see how that has any relevance. If I have a different opinion to you, it makes me a 'spacker'? I thought a forum was for discussing opinions. I think it is you who should be the one growing out of bad habits, not myself.
  12. People on this board for some reason think spending money is synonymous with buying crap. No one is saying that... If I were to go into a supermarket, I don't know, lets use Tesco. There may well be some new Italian brand which is cheap or some French varieties of food which seem attractive. It may taste good today and serve the purpose of giving me a meal. However, at the end of the day, when I sit down after grafting many hours at work, I want a quality meal. It is far more worthwhile buying quality products from quality brands to get a nicer meal than continually trying cheap alternati
  13. The current financial policy is fine for where we are at; but to get to the next level, we need to spend money. We were meant to be seemingly thankful that Ashley was prepared to spend £9m on Cisse. Cisse is a quality buy and worth probably more but we should be spending money like that regularly. You spend money, you get quality, obviously it may not happen if you spend it on shit but no one is saying that. As I say, if he starts spending money, all fine and good. Don't get me wrong, I am very happy. However, I can't see why it suddenly changes the fact that we were regularly qualifying
  14. We are in Europe, that's fine. I am happy, it is fair to say though, that is only because of the shit over the last few seasons. Europa League should be the very minimum for this club. Can we maintain our position there? Only time will tell. We have had some good buys, no doubt, will that happen season after season? Running a club on a shoe-string will only get you so far. If Ashley starts spending large sums of money and we qualify for Europe in the form of Europa League/Champions League every season only then will I turn a blind eye to the level of piss take he has delivered. We have bee
  15. Just because Ashley is getting lucky with regards to results on the field, doesn't mean we still aren't a circus off the field. Stadium called Sports Direct Arena ffs, we still haven't seen all of the Carroll money. Fair play to him on recruiting Graham Carr but that's about it. Time will tell with regards to Pardew, you have to remember Hughton himself wasn't exactly doing a crap job.
  16. If we get Champions League, Ashley is more likely to invest in the squad.
  17. It's good that we are in Europe but now we need to push on and get Champions League and keep our focus.
  18. Whatever anyone says, this season belongs to us. 3 years ago, we went down, everyone expected the end of an era, yet we have risen. We might get Champions League, we might get Europa League, we might get jack all. The fact remains, we have defied all the odds, all the pundits tipping us for relegation, put in some sterling performances. Though the circus has somewhat continued off the field, it's been a pleasure to watch on the field. The players at the club this year have done us proud and how magical would it be to go one further? Champions League? It seems unlikely but history is fi
  19. Bloody hell, Manchester City.
  20. Boy I know from Walhamstow who knows the Muamba family is confirming what sky are saying.
  21. Missed Ipswich, Crystal Palace, Reading, Blackpool, Swindon and Burnley.
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