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  1. Was different class to anyone on that pitch today (bar Shola).
  2. Ben Arfa had two good shots and was making things happen. Sure he ran the ball out a few times but he looked dangerous.
  3. Blame the players as well, genius. Pardew wasn't out there making countless mistakes. Pardew is still losing the plot.
  4. Are you kidding?! He's just created more in a minute than we've done all half.
  5. Probably a blessing we went out to Brighton. Would have drawn Liverpool at Anfield and picked up a few injuries in this game.
  6. Bassong was playing alongside Colo. I don't see your point. The only reason we aren't comfortably in the 4th position at the moment is because apart from our first team, our squad is quite dire. If we had the squad depth of say any of the Liverpools, Chelseas or to a lesser extent Arsenal, we would comfortably be commanding this position. The league is as open as it has been for years. Mostly because the top clubs, like these ones have gone backwards. We shouldn't be replacing players but rather adding to them.
  7. Just concede the point man, Obertan did well and Ben Arfa has had two shit games. I love Barfa too, but there's no point in judging players off reputation alone. Leave that to the SSN pundits. I am not going to concede something which I don't believe in. It is a forum afterall. On the wing, there were several occasions when he should have crossed it straight away but he didn't. Often, the immediate chance that would have presented with a quick ball was lost out on. I am referring more to the second half. When he did cross it, it was decent. Though, once he crossed it behind every s
  8. I am just giving you my opinion. I genuinely thought he was awful.
  9. He took about 20 touches everytime on the wing, when he should have crossed it. Watch the match again on football first or something, he was shocking. It's a tragedy that Ben Arfa isn't getting a game ahead of him.
  10. What fucking game were you watching? He was abysmal.
  11. I can't understand why Ben Arfa wasn't brought on for R.Taylor, Obertan was shocking as always. Aside from the injuries, the complete lack of interest in Ben Arfa from Pardew worries me.
  12. Flair


    https://twitter.com/#!/DashingDeepBis - Just became active for anyone interested.
  13. Demba Cisse was £9million not £7.5million and Santon £5.3million as opposed to £5million.
  14. shola's a funny one isn't he. he plays second fiddle to shearer for most of his career. then he finally gets a chance, then another chance, then another run in the team. never takes it. what a waste of a career. Don't think he's wasted his career really. Probably achieved far more than any other player as shit as him has. He's score in the Nou Camp and got an FA Cup Semi Final goal ffs Not to mention, 15-16 European goals.
  15. No I wasn't suggesting it, more what Pardew WILL do.
  16. Obertan to start next week instead of Ben Arfa?
  17. Can't wait for the Dembai, Shola really shouldn't be near the first team.
  18. Lawrenson had a bet that Henry wouldn't score in the premier league. Some of things he says, really does make him look like the clown that he is.
  19. Bring Obertan on for Ameobi. Yes, Obertan.
  20. Harper on BBC is refreshing. Backing Krul 100% , does his homework on the penalties, ha.
  21. Where do you draw the line? I got up, did it again, came closer, same result though. Do I go again or let the discourse of time sort things out? Time is a huge currency and one that often goes undervalued. A big opportunity cost. Do I become a non-conformist? Oh, these decisions are perfectly spurious for it is luck that moves the world.
  22. May that as it will...My vague dabblings reveal it so. Always....And probably forever. It's in the numbers and the Jews saw this very early days as they travelled widely (diaspora) and interacted with the Indus civ on trade routes and so on...They aligned themselves with the numbers (luck) and it is IMO one of the reasons they are persecuted...For they have caught onto some hidden mythos (not religious). Real Jews (the proper ones) aren't really religious they are mystical. Mysticism is a kind of luck promoter. To start on that road you have to give up on any notions of reality for the two are
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