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  1. High : Newcastle 5-0 West Ham Low: Bolton 5-1 Newcastle
  2. The people trying to authenticate Ashley over Shepherd.
  3. It's not "so precarious", there's an outside existing danger, reflected in our 14/1 odds, you cunt. Go service your sonar system, it's clearly misfiring. Take off your Ashley-tinted glasses, try specsavers.
  4. Mate, just jam, you shouldn't pay attention to what everyone else thinks. Just ignore the haters. Haters always going to hate.
  5. Deadman's allright and his posts are pleasant to read. Somewhat of an innocence about them.
  6. He is not forward. He play un right, as Gutierrez. Callejon is a fantastic player, is the revelation player in Spain and newspapper say to the posibility of the international call That's what Sheen said.
  7. See that's were you are incorrect, only 7 teams need to pick up points for us to be in the drop zone.
  8. It must have, they've fired us into a higher league position than the one that was here when Ashley bought the club Why don't you refer to the poll that you said would prove your point? :lol: Clown.
  9. Skidders, our forward line has dramatically improved under Ashley.
  10. Sounds familiar, this is what happens when you don't invest in high-quality players.
  11. We will win, no worries.
  12. Turning the club into a laughing stock, the bastard. Assaulting its funds, the bastard. Seeing it as a product to make money out of, the bastard.
  13. Blinded by hate tbh Sad really, missing out on the enjoyment of our best seasons for years by focusing on all the bad things that "might" happen sometime in the future. It used to be about enjoying the game on Saturday (or Sunday or Monday night) not about "well that was fucking excellent but we cannot conceivably allow ourselves to savour that because we're fucked/doomed at some indeterminate point of time in the future, possibly, mebe's, definitely IMO, but it will happen OH WOE IS ME". Fuckin hell !!!! the irony He's got you there like, TP. Don't see how tbh,
  14. Our midfield this year is COMFORTABLY better than the one back then. Not even debatable. We've got the top goalscoring midfielder in the league ffs. I write fuckin' how it's pronounced over here, I couldn't give a fuck about giving you any abuse, I don't care about your opinions on soccer enough to warrant it, because your comments re: the midfield prove that they aren't very clever ones. Run along, sport! Shows you know fuck all, Finish the quote, you twat.
  15. Night, make sure you don't have a wet dream about the current team though.
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