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  1. Beating Man U 5-0 one week and losing the fucking Leicester the next.
  2. My memory's not what it was but didn't McFaul get sacked weeks after we'd beaten Liverpool at Anfield?
  3. How may pastings has Pardew had here? Must be a good few.
  4. We buy in January because the season ticket cancellations are in February.
  5. I really don't believe those Steven Taylor quotes, I think he's been stitched up. It looks like a PR machine damage limitation excercise. Taylor is quoted as saying exactly what Kinnear has been telling Sky/Talksport the last couple of days, almost word for word.
  6. Haven't read the whole thread but here's my take. We sell a few palyers and buy no one of note this summer. Kinnear is here solely to take the rap and will gratefully accept the criticism because he doesn't give a fuck. Pardew, Llambias and Ashley have all got a scapegoat and will happily let him take the flak.
  7. Twitter going crackers that Pardews been peddled tonight.
  8. The avatar's staying. Who do I see for a name change? Keep the suggestions coming though.
  9. I think I need a new username. I joined up here the night he signed, so a fitting time for a change.
  10. If you manage to get one, don't bother with the second half unless your heart can take it.
  11. How on earth can you go from total domination to fucking hanging on for dear life?
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