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  1. He was probably in for a prostate check up. We gave him free beer and invited him into a music studio after hours for a chilled party with some cool guys He thought he was in a back alley across from his flat on the Byker wall, got his cock out and pissed all over the office corridor in front of a CCTV camera. Absolute tramp.
  2. Dont think he knows yet. The consensus is that you cant take that away from people without a significant backlash. I read one Trump voter (female muslim) whose main complaint appeared to be as a single mother she could not afford Obamacare and therefore the democrats had done nothing for her. If Trump reforms and expands access then this will be progress. However, thats not what the Republicans have been arguing but i cant see what move they make which rolls it back without pissing off 30 million people.
  3. If you read Monbiot for your economics insights then you might get misdirected a bit by his politics. There is a world of economics called Welfarism which is the predominant strain within European policy circles (or often referred to as extra-welfarism) which provides the framework for understanding when to leave humans to the process of trade which predates written language and when governments should intervene and why. The normative value judgements which underlie this framework provide all you need to combat the ills of neoliberalism without the idea of throwing out self interest. I will tr
  4. He might have been wearing a dress.
  5. Trump just announced he plans to deport 2 to 3 million immediately.
  6. I wouldnt be surprised if Merkel has deported more immigrants than Hitler since Syria so am not sure what the statistics are meant to tell you without context explanation or thought. Apparently the methods are not as nice but i would assume that massive increases in numbers of people migrating would lead to changes in methods. I dont know how much of that is true but i get annoyed when i read partisan articles saying in breathless tones that the administration has deported than e.g all Presidents for 100 years. As that just ignores the underlying drivers of the numbers.
  7. Bad Moms. It actually made me laugh but i was a bit drunk.
  8. Best argument for overturning the majority vote on Brexit is his support for a president without a majority vote. Hope someone asks him about that soon.
  9. Who cares? The issue here is that Russia used Wikileaks to influence the US election and your hard on for Hilary lying about emails was part of the reason this got ignored
  10. European leaders are expressing fear that the upcoming elections in France and Germany will be influenced by Russians. Are they being paid by the Clinton foundation too? Or is this the global network of elites that Parky talks about? Or being more rational about it, is it because the known and proven state sponsored Russian hackers are being deployed to influence political outcomes?
  11. Bamfors connects the shadow brokers to the NSA not Guccifer 2.0. There is no evidence that the two are connected. All he does is conjecture that Russian hackers wouldn't use a simple username. The claim from Guccifer 2.0 to being a lone wold is the only evidence that the hack didn't come from Russia whereas most other sites provide evidence of the link to Fancy Bears, who are known to be Russian hackers. So Bamford might be right about the NSA cyber tools but he doesn't provide anything other than opinion that Guccifer 2.0 is not Russian. Seems far fetched to me - am happy to agree tha
  12. Which of course means the source is relevant if that wasn't obvious.
  13. Exactly, the Russians aren't go to provide anything harmful to their objectives.
  14. More top comments from Reddit "Part of your duty as "journalists" and purveyors of information is to sit back and look at the entity of a situation and its circumstances and ask yourselves "Are we being played?" or "are we being used by someone else for their cause?" If you believe that is the case, pursue that as well and let the world know the circumstances of how and why you have the information. You and the information do not exist in a vacuum. If you received information or documents from a source that is aiming to use it to damage a particular person or side you bear part of the resp
  15. Bollocks and the top comments on that AMA show that most people can see through their propaganda too. Julian Assange said he had information on Trump but "it wasn't interesting", you guys released an email of a risotto recipe. How does this statement square? “We do have some information about the Republican campaign,” Assange said. “I mean, it’s from a point of view of an investigative journalist organization like WikiLeaks, the problem with the Trump campaign is it’s actually hard for us to publish much more controversial material than what comes out of Donald Trump’s mouth every second
  16. People wonder why the polls don't work apart from those who are busy ignoring them and working on viral propaganda and the beautifully compliant social media feeds to spread the message.
  17. You were the one being played. They targeted you and those like you. This was a strategy and it worked.
  18. All politicians are economical with the truth but she didnt make up the story about Russia to try and deflect from the truth, as per Assange and Pilger. Also, you are missing the real point here. This shows you who was being played, who was driving the story, where it came from (not just Russia), what it was designed to do and how you should now look at every single element of the story through a new perspective. If that's not immediately obvious, it should be. Of course there was wrong doing, no one denies that. This story was never meant for the MSM, it was designed to live on soci
  19. :lol: No no no, RT are not a state run propaganda machine, they told us that the Russians had nothing to do with it and this was PROOF that Clinton was a liar. Fucking hell.
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