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  1. Never heard of them. I just thought of the Twilight films and being Sad and thought that's why they were chosen as the support. Any good?
  2. Mayday's breath whiffs that bad its nearly making Merkel laugh.
  3. Cant wait to see the clip of the support, called 'The Twilight Sad'. They sound shite. Not the biggest massive fan in the world either but a mate wanted to go and we havent seen each other in ages. I did dabble in goth as a young teen. Plus In Between Days and Just Like Heaven are incredible songs. And there are at least 10 to 15 other massive hits that are pissed singalong fodder so should be a laugh.
  4. Going to see The Cure at Wembley arena tomorrow night. Dusting off my black drainpipes and borrowing a Halloween witch's wig.
  5. A common nickname for valium too apparently. Just to keep the thread on track.
  6. The Pete Tong Heritage Orchestra conducted by Julie Buckley doing classical music covers of house classics. Its actually really good. The version of Smokebelch is mint.
  7. It doesnt have wine on the drinks menu? Arseholes.
  8. Thick headed 2 bit spindly cunts vs Nottingham Forest for the next match thread tbh.
  9. Or 'Yer great great nana shagged a centurion', one of the two.
  10. Anderson Paak is artist of the year for me, absolutely stunning live with his band The Free Nationals. Singer, rapper, drummer, piano player, producer of soul, funk, hip hop and house. Even rocks it on this special. Talented lad.
  11. Anderson Paak - Malibu Chance the Rapper - Coloring book Whitney - Light Upon the Lake Kevin Morby - Singing Saw A Tribe Called Quest - We got it from here.... Thank you 4 your service DJ Earl - Open Your eyes Kendrick Lamar - Untitled Remastered Mark Barott - Sketches from an Island Radiohead - A moon shaped pool The Avalanches - Wildflower Car Seat Headrest - Teens of Denial Tindersticks - The Waiting Room Skepta - Konnichiwa Kaytranada - 99.9% D.R.A.M - Big Baby D.R.A.M Nick Cave and the bad Seeds - Skeleton Tree Bon Iver - 22, a million Sturgill Simpson - A Sailo
  12. You listened to that Kevin Morby too.
  13. Is the prediction for 90 minutes or after extra time? Needs a results on the night doesn't it? Still fancy it in 90. 0-1
  14. 2nd best English manager in the entire league system.
  15. That just confirms what I understood. That Iran arms and influences the Houthi rebels. Just no clear evidence they are completely under writing every effort. Which is probably because their soft power is more effective. Still trying to influence and control the commercial asset that is Yemen.
  16. Seems like a reasonable strategy to me. Are you saying they should have funded the other side? Why? They don't have any national rights over the territory either and are pushing a commercial and geopolitical strategy. To KCG's point, the release just casts doubt ton the morality of the US policy by 'releasing' information that was supposedly secret thereby creating the impression that it must be bad. For it to be bad, then allowing the Iranian led factions to control another sovereign country must therefore be good? As that's the implication, is that what you think? Or is this morally neutral
  17. We lost our inside position when Christie was fired. The position you refer to is different.
  18. "Since the turd drop, have you any ambitions left in life Mr MF?" 'Aye to do a shite that hits the water before its left me arse' 3 - 0
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