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  1. Nearing the year end so was thinking about my favourite tunes of the year so far. Cant stop listening to this from Chance the Rapper.
  2. Too hard a sell when people shit themselves at the thought of NHS reform.
  3. Regulation is the key. Obamacare fails where it does fail as the Republicans watered out the good regulation. All markets need a form of regulation where market outcomes have social importance. If we want to avoid a socially bad outcome relating to lifestyle choice and premiums, regulation can intervene.
  4. Which is the model followed by the European countries who have this sort of system. FYI there are 2 systems in Europe, NHS systems like in Nordics, Spain and UK and what we call SHI systems. Social Health Insurance as per France and Germany. As the French and Germans follow this model, they raise directly 10 to 12% of GDP to go on health. As our health budget is negotiated through the CSRs (Comprehensive Spending Reviews which are Whitehalls internal bun fight over money), our NHS is politicised as the total allocated is traded off against other political objectives. Politically the govt s
  5. If you put that figure at income over 500k would you think it was fair?
  6. Sure but if you talk about insurance people shit themselves which is essentially the same thing. The money comes from Tax its ok. The money comes from state run insurance 'mutuals' and people think its an issue. I'm not saying thats the solution but there is an aversion to private elements in the funding model which is not coherent with where taxes come from. There are options is what i want to say.
  7. People go to work at private companies, they pay tax and that tax gets spent on the NHS. So its funded by private companies already.
  8. I think its possible to reform the NHS, improve the funding models and still retain the principle of equity at its heart that is valued politically and socially by the British people.
  9. Its all fake Rayvin. If the MSM presents a fake narrative then everything you read is fake too. Nothing is real, just the force of your rhetoric and place in which it can land.
  10. Then you have not even been looking then. They even have their own snopes entry ffs.
  11. Macron (En Marche) just annouced he will run for President in France next year.
  12. Amazing photo, is that from the Council archive? My grandparents moved from Glasgow to Newcastle after the war. Probably thought it was more exotic
  13. I've heard there's a group of Nazis who live in Germany as if the 3rd Reich was never defeated. They are considered the loony fringe by AfD
  14. Used to be Whitley Bay a long time ago. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/260857003390383036/
  15. You're right its the next battle Parky. One of the big signs for me that Trump was going to win was how many of my colleagues in New Jersey supported him. People in high salary brackets, great lives, full insurance, college funds the lot and they were bought into it. Our lass says the same about her office in France and people there who make comments about Le Pen. Worrying.
  16. If he starts rooting for Le Pen, am taking a trip to Hamburg for the weekend
  17. I'd stick you in one. When ISIS gets children to behead innocent people i think dripping some water on a few Belgies heads who are carrying explosives around seems like a fair move. They dont lock them up as they want to watch the. Why do you think Twitter bans that cunt off Breitbart but the ISIS account is still active?
  18. And you regurgitate stuff that David Icke publishes. So theres that.
  19. Lets be clear here. Breitbart and Bannon are dangerous. He is a racist and his site publishes fake news. I think there is a lot of propaganda and mis information in Syria but the right are hard at work spinning everything Trump does and says and have been for the last 9 months. They are expert at defending against grabbing pussy and being supported by the KKK, appointing Bannon is a walk in the park for them spin wise.
  20. And Parky, you are the one with the wool over your eyes here. Not the other way round. If you live in obscure corners of the internet, dont be surprised that the whole alt-narrative turns out to be just another manipulation.
  21. The person who told you that made it up.
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