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  1. Best way to cover up the muskiness from a leaky back door.
  2. They are doing some sort of spa day in the French office. Massage and a facial could be alright.
  3. Our own bias feeds the algorithms that confirm our world views.
  4. Hale and Pace knocking them out of the park here.
  5. A lot of massive hype everywhere about the TCQ album. You get some massive geezer to jump out his sunroof and suddenly everyone is saying its AOTY I've seen a load of people claim that who haven't even listened to Chance, Kendrick, Danny Brown or even the new De La Soul which got mediocre reviews but seems to be a very similar quality record to me. Great album, a very good return but over hyped for some reason.
  6. Their best since Kid A for me. Restored my interest in them which 'wayned' sometime around a decade ago.
  7. I managed to catch Gemmill and Rayvin on stage earlier this week.
  8. Speaking of Punk nice feature in The Guardian yesterday on the top 10 Dead Kennedys tunes. No Police Truck, Kill the Poor etc but 10 absolute classic DK tracks. For anyone who doesnt know them, worth checking out. https://www.theguardian.com/music/musicblog/2016/nov/16/dead-kennedys-10-of-the-best
  9. Got to give it to these lads, they know how to write a song or two. Got to be one of the favourites for AOTY.
  10. Mention of Flava Flav reminded me i found this the other night and ended up watching loads of episodes on Adult Swim.
  11. Anyone seen the Eric Andre show? Its fucking mental
  12. The trumpets that kick in at 2.10 absolutely nail that song. Great energy and then a brass section. Amazing album too.
  13. Its good and around 3.45 it becomes great.
  14. Need to get a party started? A modern house version of the Fat Back Band's Bus Stop. On Mister Saturday Night for extra hipster points.
  15. There's always an album which comes out in January which nails it.
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