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  1. Well done Ray, hard work and endeavour are the bedrock of a stong capitalist culture
  2. I did think it was odd the dog was fine, just thought the dog was as nails as its owner.
  3. The dog looks in bad shape. Those are lacerations around the neck i assume.
  4. Seems clear to me, as much as the bloke comes across as a tit and has played with fire in the US election, doesnt look like he would be convicted in a fair trial. He does seem very desperate though, so as much as the idea that he was being framed makes sense, so does the idea that he was using Wikileaks to get Trump into power as a tactic for himself rather than the world. Which makes him a hypocrite. From his perspective, its obvious to attack Clinton as a calculation that if she loses, her opponent will recognise the role and the threat of living the rest of his life in a US prison dim
  5. I thought she was biased against Corbyn. I remember watching her thinking that before i heard the furore from Corbyn supporters. Had to say they had a point.
  6. It got an interesting review in the Guardian today saying its the defining TV show of the year. https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2016/dec/07/why-westworld-is-the-defining-show-of-2016 It quotes Nolan as saying there was loads of intentional ambiguity to generate fan discussion on forums and compares the dialogue to a Boris Johnson speech (which seems a bit harsh). It also highlights the criticism that the characters are unrelateable which i reckon is why i struggled on the first couple of episodes. Not that any of that puts me off, ill definitely have to give it another go.
  7. Aye you dont know where that Dave Kelly has been putting it.
  8. Read it when you linked it. Utterly chilling and i thought it changes the way we should see Brexit and rise of populism. I was thinking of the article when i saw the meme on FB about global warming. Maybe the conspiracy theorists are still right about the global order. I said to Parky that Trump proves that the global order isnt in control. Saw toonotl say a similar thing the other day. Now am not so sure.
  9. There was nearly as much controversy about Cal's Own. Comet Ping Pong though? Only a satanic paedophile could name a pizzeria that.
  10. That was shared on my feed by loads of people who i know who immediately started discussing the cover ups about Fukushima and nuclear explosions. The subtle message about climate change being made up must have gone in but no one mentions it. So i find out who Dixon Diaz is and see he has links to Breitbart and then i remember that Breitbart are linked to Cambridge Analytica and that according to the Guardian on Sunday they have been conducting OCEAN tests on everyone and targeting political messages to them. The key funders described by the Guardian were Hedge Fund managers who are mainly
  11. Just like that Rees-Mogg meme that you were cross about.
  12. It's gone beyond just fake, this isn't just made up stuff that gets shared, it's political and controlling. The narrative was used in this case to further a political outcome. We can't say if it had an influence but the assumption was that it did. Also in this case it's widely held that 4Chan started the story so how come no one thought it was a laugh? Loads of other fake stories are being pushed from alternative news sites and the provenance is now known to be political and controlled by organizations linked to Cambridge Analytica and Republican hedge fund managers. That's my point, it's not
  13. Reading it back not sure what i mean. What is pizzagate basically? And all the thousands of other stories like it, it's hard to frame them and say what they are with any meaning which allows us to understand them. I think this is the defining feature of 2016 for me, not the deaths and he destruction, humans have been doing that for millennia.
  14. I dont think we've got the language to discuss this. Like its hard for journalists to articulate the hypocrisy of the press attacking judges in the Supreme court, so much of today's world is not yet framed for us to understand it. We ignore it until it is framed then immediately all assign ourselves expert status once it is.
  15. Anyone else been following this? Mental stuff. https://www.reddit.com/r/The_Donald/comments/5b1qtf/comet_ping_pong_pizzagate_summary/ or http://www.bbc.com/news/blogs-trending-38156985
  16. They're not because its fake news. Nearly every single image with a statement on nowadays is full of shit. https://www.thesun.co.uk/living/2260104/as-chancellor-ploughs-7million-into-wentworth-woodhouse-we-reveal-the-saucy-sex-secrets-of-aristrocrat-with-ancestry-linked-to-colin-firths-mr-darcy/
  17. They actually physically changed colour? That's mental.
  18. Iirc Parky voted it his album of the year when it came out.
  19. http://consequenceofsound.net/2016/11/beginning-today-netflix-is-offering-offline-streaming/ Netflix now offering downloads for offline viewing. This is good.
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