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  1. 3 minutes ago, The Fish said:

    Sure, maybe,  but which clubs? He hasn't done enough to get one of the big clubs in England and they're the ones who'd know most about him. Right now, his job is iron clad safe from above and I'd be amazed if he abandoned the project that's really only just beginning. 

    Yeah wouldn’t disagree. Is Howe at the point in his career where Bayern went for Naglesmann though? That’s the question I thought about this morning. Think we can be fairly sure EH has at least thought about working abroad. Tbh, a manager moving on from us to better himself wouldn’t bother me too much & no one knows how someone would react until they’re asked the question…

  2. 6 minutes ago, The Fish said:


    I'm saying on paper, Nagelsmann has achieved more than Howe has. That's not really up for debate is it? 

    The point I’m trying to make is Eddie Howe might be entering the equivalent of Naglesmann Leipzig period, they’re not at the same stage of their careers.  Saying “HES GOING NOWHERE!!” is ok until a club asks to speak to him….I think he’ll be getting “monitored” by some big hitters now… 

  3. 15 minutes ago, The Fish said:


    On paper, yes. But there's surely no appetite to get rid of Howe. Cheap, over-delivering, got the fans and team on board. Any change would be a big gamble and one I think they'd only take if Howe stops delivering. 


    4 minutes ago, Dr Gloom said:

    howe is going nowhere 

    I can see how you’d think I was saying that but honestly I wasn’t . It just struck me as even though JN is ahead of Howe career wise how did he get to elite worldwide club Bayern Munich? .. not literally doing what Howe is currently doing/has done  but there are similarities…


    11 minutes ago, Andrew said:


    Is he though? By what measure do you reckon? 


    Yeah, someone with a better knowledge of JN than me needs to answer but for me it’s interesting. Would Bayern come for Howe after 2/3 champions league campaigns? 🤔

  4. 10 hours ago, Isegrim said:

    Fair play to Romano who came up with Nagelsmann facing the sack and Tuchel taking over. That’s how you do scoops, CN.


     I wonder how long Conte will stay in his job now…

    Naglesmann working for Levy doesn’t seem to work on the face of it but if he’s happy with having players bought for him I suppose it might.. thinking about it is Naglesmann actually any better than Eddie Howe? 🤔🤷🏻‍♂️



  5. 11 minutes ago, ackas said:


    Nothing to stop all of us on here who are members, all adding each other as friends and then first one in the queue buying seats for everybody.

    Yeah I dare say it’s possible. What the scenario is for one person getting  8 of his mates tickets in real life I wouldn’t be entirely sure….unless he’s punting some of these tickets on, which breaks T & Cs. obvs..  but am sure it’s all fine ☺️

  6. 1 minute ago, Ugly Mackems said:

    I wonder what they would grass me up for? 


    Being lucky in the ballot? 

    Occasionally unlucky in the ballot? 

    Buying tickets I'm absolutely allowed to buy under the current T&C? 


    I await with baited breath.....

    Yeah ok mate, you’ve absolutely convinced me :lol: 

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  7. 1 minute ago, Ugly Mackems said:

    I don't give a single flying fuck whether you believe or not. 

    Taking you at face value, you appear to have access to 9 STs/memberships… only one per person allowed. Folk on here know precisely who you are. And you’re going out of your way to wind them up…. 

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  8. Price is the only real issue….people forget you don’t need 11 cultured two footed highly skilled footballers to get out of your European group, but you do need a large squad to simultaneously keep decent domestic league form . I think it’ll depend on if we qualify for the champions league.. 

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  9. 9 minutes ago, Isegrim said:


    Whoever Pannick is and whatever his reputation he may have it’ll be in tatters after this because Johnson soils absolutely everyone he comes into close contact with :cuppa:



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  10. 2 minutes ago, thebrokendoll said:


    in the link you've posted haven't the club just basically regurgitated the 3 points in the fans charter the f.s.a. have with clubs.

    I agree it's probably best to hold stavely etc at arms length and even more so to mistrust those they've probably already got in their pocket!  :)


    Yeah they’re patting the Trust on the head at the moment with I’d imagine a view to using them for PR in the future. Difficult to tell how much support the club offered when they were getting it in the neck for the cup final ticket fiasco… my guess is not a lot.. 

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  11. This is why I’m not keen of praising Staveley and her colleagues. Sooner or later they’ll try to get something past us that’s just bollocks. The badge will undoubtedly change, it’s the oldest one in the league or very close to it, 34 years we’ve had it?  I don’t think that will matter too much in the long run as long as a new corporate logo isn’t too hideous. The real trouble will arise when they get orders from Riyadh to do something that would be deeply unpopular across the fan base. The fans they deign to talk to at that point will be pretty much bought and paid for and will be tasked with smoothing the way for real change. Am aware of all this so it won’t bother me too much. The club will change hugely, am sure some of it will be fine, some of it I’ll have issues with. …

  12. 13 minutes ago, Monkeys Fist said:


    I will not have you ruffians impugning my reputation like this. 

    I’ve already established that I now shit in the brass’ mouth then wrap her up, saving a bag and doing my bit for the planet. 

    I can see the press conference now when the authorities get on your trail…. 

    “Thank you for attending today for a briefing on Operation Mouthshitter” :lol: 

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  13. 10 minutes ago, Monkeys Fist said:

    That’s getting dangerously close to leaving no room for your mascara and lippy. 

    Well you of all people should know that the mirror is in the van so that’s where the make up lives :) 

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  14. 3 minutes ago, Howmanheyman said:

    Nee haversack with your bait in?



    RIP @PaddockLad WC credentials. :cry:

    I’ve lived in the south of England for  a long time….it’s inevitable that I now have a bit of the shandy drinker about me 🤷🏻‍♂️


    NB: the bigger the bag, the more shit you end up throwing in there…..NG is perfect, it’s not too heavy . I don’t need many tools nowadays anyway, am more a service engineer/bullshitting slopey shouldered van driver nowadays… I might change the odd lightbulb now and then..  

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  15. 4 minutes ago, Monkeys Fist said:

    But how do you wear it? 
    Actually over the shoulder or does it go over the head in what Mrs. F. calls “the titty splitter”? 

    Very much “titty splitter” as Mrs F has beautifully coined it :lol: 

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