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  1. 2 minutes ago, The Mighty Hog said:


    A few stay at the Crowne Plaza. All three CL teams did and Dortmund were by far the biggest set of knackers with branded team buses and security taping the area off.

    tbf the Dortmund buses were fuckin bombed by some terrorist whack jobs a few years back… their security risk assessments will be mental 😬




    So English teams won  2/3 last season . There were also two Italian teams in the CL semi finals. In 2019 two English teams got to the final. 2016 Real played Athletico. There are no discernible patterns and it’s indicative of the square root of fuck all :cuppa: 

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  3. 28 minutes ago, wykikitoon said:

    My local MP is a Tory.  They do a lot for the local area.  Whenever I have had issues I have gone to them and they've been very helpful.  I am a member of a local group of FB.  Someone posted in it the other day how we need to keep voting for them due to this and ignore what's going on in Parliament and if it was Labour in charge it would be worse.  Fucking laughable.  The group was set up by the Tory MP and he is admin in it.  He did delete the post and said that the group isnt for that.  Which I do applaud him for (through gritted teeth).

    There's a road near me that's having a development built off.  The developers having been appalling at keeping the road clean through the winter months.  I personally have contacted the developers, groundworkers and council about it and got close to fuck all back.  The road is fucked, its covered in shite and dangerous.  It needs sweeping regular, wheel wash and banksman on the road (its close to a blind bend yet has tippers exiting).  This was ignored.  Got in touch with the MP and he has been trying for months to get this sorted.  He does love lambasting the council on this though as they're a Labour run council.  Last week a cyclist was coming down the road, slipped on mud and has fractured his hip, skull and broken ribs.  He's still in hospital with a small bleed on the brain, I understand this is improving.  I hope he sues the fuck out of the developer and the groundworker the utter cunts. 

    Make sure the MP knows about the poor fucker. And if you have any record of your contact with the authorities send it to him. 

    I think MPs like kicking their local councils’ backsides. My brother and his ex wife were having terrible trouble with their neighbours’ exceedingly anti social behaviour. His ex missus was seen crying at the school gate by another mum who told her “don’t worry Karen, I’ll get my dad sort it out..” Dad turned out to be the Chancellor of the Exchequer Allister Darling :lol:  MP for Edinburgh West and he did indeed contact Edinburgh City Council’s neighbourhood department who promptly gathered evidence and started sending strongly worded letters threatening civil action and potential police investigations if their cuntish behaviour continued. Brother was left with a very favourable impression of AD after a meeting to discuss this. A proper good cunt the likes of whom is sadly missed in today’s Labour ranks 

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  4. Just now, Renton said:

    I see PSG and Dortmund are level on aggregate. I thought the so called group of death would struggle in the championship? 

    Athleti have scored again…I’m across both games… like some sort of dirty midweek soccer slut….DORTMUND SCORE AGAIN! 





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  5. Barca centre back gets sent off when they’re 2 goals up in the tie. PSG now 4-5 up with 30 mins normal time still to play.  I don’t think that pen we “conceded” in injury time in Paris can now be seen in isolation 😏



  6. 34 minutes ago, ewerk said:

    Now watch Southgate pick Rashford ahead of him for the Euros.

    I think they’ll both go but aye Rashford starts because Rashford starts 😒


    The one who’s under pressure to me is Maddison due to the emergence of Cole at Chelsea… mind there’s talk of UEFA allowing 26 man squads…

  7. 24 minutes ago, Gemmill said:


    Aye, if I click your link and select YouTube Music, which I do have a subscription to, it plays straight away through the YouTube music app. 

    That’s clever… 


    Tidal sounded weird through my phone this morning but you can tell the difference through the van speakers… I’ll hook it up to the amp later and properly give it a blast….the only drawback I see is convincing the now semi-permanent Mrs PL to change from Spotify…she likes the release radar and curated playlists…. 😒

  8. 13 minutes ago, LondonBlue said:



    in short "whats the difference between chelsea selling themselves a hotel and newcastle seeling to saudi clubs"


    so the suggestion is more that you're hard done by and chelsea getting away with it.


    of course the chelsea hotels hasn't been approved yet!


    The premier league member clubs had a vote on it and decided to keep things as they were. Chelsea are using accountancy tricks that there probably isn’t proper rules around. PL closed the long term contract amortisation loophole and they’ll close this eventually . This isn’t a dig, but they closed the inflated sponsorship thing too. It seems they’re always two steps behind the curve…

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  9. 3 minutes ago, LondonBlue said:

    talksport comparing chelsea hotel with newcastle and related party 

    really? What is it that those  bullshitting lickspittle toss rags suggesting that NUFC have sold back to themselves?…

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